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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brain Fart


Entering the next half of the year for 2014 is kinda a mix feeling. Especially after my parents and cousin left. Always hated that feeling of being dumped in KL alone, not feeling homey without them. For now, whenever I miss them, I'll browse through my photo albums with all my family pictures. Love every single piece of it and the memories that punches my head when I saw their faces.

Not pretty sure what to pen down in this post. Proly another pointless one but I get to fill up my time with something, at least?

Had loads of mosquito kisses that I thought I was going to have denggi when I had severe headache last week. Damn bloody sucker mosquitoes.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nail Tell #9 - Polishville Swatch Part II


My second part of swatch on another nail polish delivered by Polishville! First part HERE was about China Glaze's nail polish. This time, it's about L.A Colours FlashPop! As the name stated 'flash', of course it's more on neon colours. But in this swatch I didn't apply any white polish as base.

NOTE: Neon colours pops when you apply white nail polish before the neon colours.

And it comes with glitters on the other side of the polish! 2-in-1 polish! How great! So I did  a quick swatch on both colour and glitter. My second picture shows only one coat of the colour. When you apply the second coat, it covers your nails completely.

So far I got nothing to complain about this nail polish. It's just as easy as ABC. You can get it from Polishville's website! They are really nice (communicating via emails) and fast in delivery too. :)

Find them here!

Website ☞ Polishville 
Facebook Page  Polishville Facebook 

Thank you, Polishville for these awesome nail polishes! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


I Just Had To!


It's kinda a habit where I screenshot funny conversations so let me show you some.

#1 Family - On left, I noticed my dad liked this girl's photo on Facebook and out of curiosity (very curious), I whatsapp my dad about it. And I don't know how to react to his respond. On right, I knew all this while my mum is infamous for her typo.. but this is a higher level.

SERIOUSLY NO OFFENCE TOWARDS THE DEATH but my mum just wanted to tell us about late Karpal Singh's death with the incorrect spelling

#2 Work - On left, my colleague's name is Kausar but one of my doctor wrote Jausar so the other on make fun of his name too (from Kanthan to Janthan). Hahahahahaa! On right, I went back to the office on one of the Sunday and I saw my prof was meeting up with his previous assistant and of course he saw my BOY-friend. And......he just have to whatsapp in THE CHAT GROUP.

#3 - BOY-friend - On left, my mum sent me this and told me to forward this to Mr.A. LOL... So sexay! XD.. On right, I saw in the internet that to see "How your boyfriend react when you say I LOVE YOU for three times" so I did the same. While I happily saw most of the response was "What is it that you wan't to buy?", I got a huge disappointed by Mr.A. :/ #testfail. So, yeah I didn't get the bag I wanted. Pfft! #justkiddin.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Early Coffee at Kaffa Espresso Bar, Damansara Uptown


I'm really tired these few days as my parents came over for a few days along with my baby cousin! It's her first time coming over to KL and I'm so delighted so meet her here! I hope to see her soon again.. I miss her already! #emosial

While waiting for them on Saturday morning, I had breakfast at Uptown's Kaffa Espresso Bar. I didn't know they open at 8am for weekends. Hahaa! But yeah, I had my fav cafe freddo and tried their Chocolate something something pastry and it was not bad. Quite chocolaty. *thumbs up*, Kaffa. Next time I'll bite it like how Suarez would. LOL! XD

Be back soon! :)


Friday, June 20, 2014

Pre loved Sale on Carousell


I'm pretty sure you heard this name - Carousell. I have an account earlier this year but wasn't really familiar with it and was just looking around, playing with the apps. But the when I got pretty handy with it, I started being active last week (hahaa!). Still new in selling my half pre-loved and half 100% brand new stuffs.

I also noted that there's a new apps too, Duriana. I have that as well but I feel like the apps is still unstable and I'm not comfy using that at the moment. So, I'll just stay dormant now for that app.

Do find me in Carousell,

My name is Michelle.Snoopy. I try to get the same as my blog to avoid confusion. And please, serious buyers only! :)

Enjoy shopping/selling!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Really Do Complain Much


Sometimes I like to complain. Girls right. Girls need to complain. About everything - clothes, food, people, services. But sometimes, when people complain to me, I would go "Alaa... It's like that one la". You know, like the huge gap of differences you (and I) and celebrities get, especially when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICES.

I do understand that "They are famous people ma, they need to advertise for the company". But don't they get it that you (and I) too have to PAY for their services? What rationale is that when celebrities get sponsored and receives tremendous services while people (you and I) who actually PAID for it gets the opposite of it?

I seriously have no clue how to get the sense out of it. Hmph.

Girls = Complains.

Anyway, a couple of shots to share today.. 

#1 Hot Chocolate - From Plan B, Paradigm Mall. This is like my second home. LOL.. I can practically memorize where is Subway, H&M, ZARA, Uniqlo etc. Hahaa..! (time belajar tak hebat macam ini?) But I had this hot chocolate which other than the outlooks of it, I'm not impressed at all. And their food..... Pfft.

#2 Kimchi Jiggae Set - From Daorae Express, Paradigm Mall. Definitely not the best in taste but it suits my taste and.... It's not that bad. I had their sets a couple of times and they really do mean it with the word EXPRESS. *thumbs up*

#3 "I-DON'T-EVEN-WANT-TO-REMEMBER-WHAT-I-ORDERED" - From Library, Damansara Uptown. Terrible drinks, horrible place (upstairs) as it's extremely hot with only fans instead of coolers or air cond. My friends and I were literally SWEATING at the sofa and chairs! Drinks and cake were out of the standard. Waste of money. Geram.

Nah, the big-nosed complain-er


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Feeling Blue


I'm feeling quite blue lately. As blue as the sky I captured the other day. Maybe because of work, crazy hot weather, more work, PMS..? Lol.. Or maybe everything.

At work, I'm doing things I don't like at the moment - graphs and calculations involved. So tensed up when I couldn't get it right. Pfft! That's the reason WHY I dropped Add Maths, Physics and everything related back in high school! >:/ You know that feeling when you just hate it, you will always do? That's me. It's like durian, you either love it or hate it. You can't be in the middle or have this love-hate relationship, right?

Whenever I see/hear/dream of these little tiny numbers and graphs, I just feel......... YUCK.

The weather. Uugghh.. Do I even need to start. Such bad weather! Too hot for me! Sometimes I rather sleep in the office than to come home in this steamy, burnt house! And I've had countless sleepless nights due to the extra super boiling hot weather that woke me up without shame!


Am I the only foolish person in the universe to have NO air cond in my room!? >:/

OKAY, PMS iz onz. >>>:/

But anyway, my brain is too burnt to write anything readable. Pardon me. I shall be back with something. Soon.

stupid sleepy face.


Monday, June 16, 2014

D.I.Y - Rainbow iPhone Casing


When I first used iphone 5, the first casing I bought was the transparent one (#1). Then as expected, I kept the phone in my bag, pocket, table and all these leads to one - SCRATCHES. And it's super ugly!

So after a while, I stopped using it as I couldn't stand looking at the ugly scratches. Then I bought acrylic paints.

Acrylic paint + ugly casing = MAKE OVER!!!

Why not, right!? I love doing all these stuffs. Don't ask "Why the hassle". Since I couldn't decide which colour to pick, I painted the casing in rainbow HA HA... Wtm.. But I love the outcome! It's not a bombastic casing but it's my first DIY casing.. What do I expect.. Heh..

It's been few months since this was done and only the colour from the sides of the casing came off a little. The rest was just fine. Oh.. I used my China Glaze top coat to seal the colour on the casing so it would last longer.

So, what's your latest DIY? :)


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nail Tell #8 - 2014 FIFA World Cup


It's the Brazil World Cup 2014 opening match today! And let the football craziness begins! Any girls got ditched for this world cup? LOL! So I googled Brazil flag and I decided to do a nail art with the flag as a reference.

Products used:-

1. Green nail polish from Unknown
2. Yellow, Blue and White from acrylic paint

Basically it's not difficult to complete this look. Green base and then just the flag. for the other three fingers I did a half nail as I wanted a simple nail art. Still need more practice on my strokes!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beauty Issue #3 - Oil Seed Removal


A lot of people didn't realise I have a major problem - Oil Seeds aka Milia Seeds

What is Oil/ Milia Seeds?

When the skin cells are not completely shed, keratin builds up beneath the epidermis forming a wall that is one to three millimetres in diameter. The rounded bump is referred to as milium (plural, milia) and often appears arounds the eyes and cheeks as raised white bumps that are sometimes mistaken for white heads" - Mediviron UOA Clinic

I DON'T apply sunscreen on my face (maybe once in a blue moon) or heavy make ups but yet I do get oil seeds. Where from?


Wait for it

Yes it's true. And I know it's rare but that's the most rational reason as I don't apply make ups (foundation/creams) on my face. Besides, I only have it mostly on my NECK (yes, neck)and near to my outer corner of my face. I do have high cholesterol and so does my family members. So I'm assuming my case is genetic. The beautician actually told me it's very common for girls to have oil seeds. So.... I'm not sure if I should be comforted by her words :/

It hasn't been bothering me for the past few years but it started to, this year. I heard laser would kill these nasty oil seeds (happy!) once and for all but it comes with a cost too (sad!). But then I gave it a try two weeks ago at a beauty salon and I love the result!!!

You can notice the black dots one the first few days are actually burnt oil seeds due to the laser treatment and it just fell off few days after! Just like that! Hahahahaa.. Sounds dodgy (wtm) but it's really the case. I was worried if it would leave any scaring but from the last picture, I can say.. So far so perfect! Like I never had those nasty seeds ever! I'm a happy girl for now!

Hehehe! I kinda regretted for not signing up on a package cause they had quite interesting offer but... Oh well, next time okay? I'm definitely not done with these oil seeds.. Especially my neck area! Uuurghh!

Back soon!


Sunday, June 08, 2014

Nail Tell #7 - Polishville Swatch Part I


This time round I'm doing a swatch for the nail polish I received from Polishville. I was asked to pick a colour among four and I chose Be More Pacific. Was attracted to the colour and still am! Proly it's summer (technically it is all year long) but let's just pretend we have four seasons here. XD Wtm..

The colour is definitely vibrant and suits the summer mood! Really love this colour. I also did a quick and easy nail art but I'll keep it for Part II cause this is for swatch purpose only. Hehe..

Oh oh! Polishville also sent me a couple of mini surprises! One of them was Seche Vite's Dry Fast top coat! I've always wanted to get one and thanks to Polishville I don't need to (for now). It really did a good job based on what they've written on the bottle - DRY FAST. It's THE real deal. Getting this for good in future once I finished this bottle.

Well, that's it for now as I'll keep you surprised for my Part II. And do pay Polishville a visit too! You might get the nail products you're looking for! Thank you very much, Poshville for sending me these products! And I'll be back for the next round. 

Polishville Website ☞ Polishville 
About Polishville here ☞ About Us
Polishville Facebook Page ☞  Facebook


Saturday, June 07, 2014

Fun Work


*confetti pops* Finally I found a lazy way to simplify my pictures! Hahahaa! Just kidding..Just testing out a different kind of image uploads once in a while. So this is pretty much about my work last week. Had an event in Le Meredian KL Hotel and as usual, my work is pretty much the same - fun. Heh.

First time in Le Meredian and boy, it's a *bling bling* kinda place. Suits best for ladies who love having high tea session or have a luxurious time. 

Selfie with the girls! And yeah... just so you know, I have only two colleagues in my room. The rest are all over the hospital. XD Wtm.. I used our selfie picture to participate in the InstaxClub Selfie Contest. I bet most instax fans knew about this. Vote for us please! I love instax! Hehe! Join too if you want to win an instax camera!

Please help, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! :)

Next post, nail art! (yeay!)


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ipoh Bound


Yes yes, Ipoh over and over. Can't help it but Mr.A's from Ipoh so.... will be heading to Ipoh quite often. :) Nothing surprising done this time except for this place I was brought to for noon tea. Definitely doesn't look any more inviting from the outer look but inside was unexpected.

Some may think it is kinda vintage-ish, girly-ish, English-ish. Whatever you think it is, as long as you love hanging out there. I took a couple of photos that interest me the most and I hope you will like them too. I love the bicycle just at the entrance of this cafe. Very catchy.

And teddy!

Teddy on the couch! I didn't dare to hug it cause god knows who else has been hugging it. But then it's just very cute and I believe loads of girls will love this particular spot. Hahaa. I love their curtain too! Very pretty (Sooo not me) and it suits the whole environment for sure.

Food and drink wise, urgh.. Hate to say this but, no thanks. Didn't worth any penny at all. Never will I return to this cafe unless (again I say) they improve their F&B skills. Oh well... At least their interior is well done!

Last but not least, grocery shopping! LOL... Don't ask me why I had my grocery shopping in IPOH instead of KL/PJ. It's the feeling you know, the feeling of 'shopping' in Ipoh. Hahaa..! But yeah... great weekend! I will be back very soon! Don't move away. :)