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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shimino Japanese Crepe

AARGGHHHHH~~! I found myself a guilty pleasure! It's Shimino Japanese Crepe~! FAT FAT FAT! EFF EH TEE~!!!!! But my mouth couldn't resist =______= 

First time having this crepe was in One Utama, next to the cinema. Saw this colourful and attractive dessert booth. *sluuurpssss*

cute no? 

There are quite a lot of different varieties to choose depending on your favourite flavour. They have a range from mango to pineapple to matcha to kiwi to nuts and many more! *breathe out*

So my first try was crepe A. Mixed flakes, Ice cream and chocolate topping 

Marvelously awesome!! If you're not a sweet tooth person, DO NOT TRY THIS cause I'm sure you'll have bad comments about it.

Chocolate ice cream...of course (:

I loved it, I'm loving it, I love it! 

Tsk tsk tsk....makan sajer tau..

Realized that they have a branch in Times Square (and later on Pavillion, Ikano, 1U) and I had one again a week after my first!

Times Square branch. Cute mini van

Same selection of varieties. This time I tried

Japanese map and don't know who is that girl. =_______=

The mini van was nicely decorated. I don't know to say I'm easily attracted or I'm very easily attracted to brilliant colors. Hmmm...

Yeap! Mine's here! 

this is the Red Bean with Matcha...something like that..LOL

Slightly closer look. I don't really like this crepe cause the matcha is actually cream instead of real matcha ice cream. The red bean was okay but i just didn't fancy the cream. *buek*

Hmph...makan lagi..?

Then, *ehem hem* I had another one back in 1U few days ago while hanging out with Elwyn :O

Ordered crepe F. It's Fresh Mango with Honey topping..but i added Chocolate ice cream. nyeh heh heh~

Love the combinations of the color! This is quite nice (:


DANG! Makan lagi!!! T_________________T*

Hehk! So there are a couple of branches of Shimino Japanese crepe in KL - Pavilion, Times Square,Ikano and 1U. I think they are going to open some more branches. (:

I love this for the sweetness, the colors and the presentation . The price varies from RM6.90 to RM9.90 depending on your selection of crepe and add ons. You might not like ALL of the flavors, for example i don't like pineapples so I wouldn't go for it. For those who haven't try it, please do try it, someday. But please do tag me along cause just in case..who knows...you might not like it..? It'll go into my stomach. Thank you very muchie. (: 


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Starbucks for Weekdays

HOLLAAAA! Now that I got myself a brand new lappie and changed my blog's layout, I guess this is enough to motivate me to get back in track for blogging.

Remember the 50% on all Frappuccinos during weekdays, 5-7pm offer from Starbucks last month? Hahk! I was overloaded with coffee that particular week.

Monday - Chocolate Frap & roomie's Green Tea Frap

Tuesday - Java Chip Frap

Wednesday - Caramel Frap

Thursday - Raspberry Blackcurrant Frap

Friday - Mocha Frap

Hahk! This is sooooo yesterday post. So that's all for now. Will be back soon! x


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Testing 1,2,3..

Holla!!! As you can see.....or not, I changed my layout so that I'll be motivated to blog. HAHAA! That's what I do when I'm slacking of from the blogging world.

Just a quickie to say hi and I'll be back soon!



Monday, May 02, 2011

Cath, not Cat.

Hello my dear! Happie weekend! And for those who doesn't know, Malaysia is having a public holiday on Monday, 2nd for Labor's day and hence, the town is crowded with the perfect combination, SALES + HUMANS! yeaaaay! But........for those who are working today, don't be sad! Your contributionn to the country is very much appreciated! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

So I went to KL to meet my dearest Catherine as I wasn't able to meet her on her birthday last Friday )): but i did make it up to her....i'm forgiven! LOL! 

Hollister FTW!! Love their tees! Wuhuuuu!

This is Miss Snoopy. I need to recollect all my cam-whore pictures since i lost my hard disc..I still feel sad about it. My picturesssssssssssssssss!!!!!! ~:o/

*ehem ehem* we started of our day by meeting in Sg Wang...saying hello to this oldest shopping mall XD and the minute i walked in, i'd been cursed to spend money...on the Liese promo they were having for the last couple of days =___=

*sigh* spending money is soooooooo much easier. anyone wants to donate some ki-ching for me?

Do you smellllll what The Rock is pooping? -_^

And..........yes! We went to T-bowl for our brunch. I always wanted to give it a try despite the negative comments/reviews I received. I just wanted to experience the 'poo poo' atmosphere..hahahah!

Oppsy daisy! Haven't introduce you to birthday girl...! Hehk!

Say Hi to Catherine!!!! 

Can I have that toothbrush as a souvenir? XD 

Did i mention we've got company?

Hi sexy laydeh... 

The place was quite pack when we arrived..so we havd to wait for a 'lil to be served.

Happy birthday to you!

This was over the glass' decoration..

Great! Time to order..! I'm HANGRY!

LOL! small poo poo! For babies i guess XDD

It looks funny XDDD this is really for babies to poo poo!

Chinese Mambo Pork Rice. It looks mambo, but the taste wasn't that mambo though.

Why iz my hair so fucking frizzy? o_O

Can't remember what Cath ordered but she mentioned that it was quite spicy...for her. meh heh heh~

Coco Peanut Ice Cream. Other than the whipped cream I love it all! 

Whatta pose!


Empty table beside us.. Hahk!

After brunch we went over to Times Square for a walk and I found my love! Shimino crepe was there! Ou mai gawd I was super-extremely-overly happy to see the  'putt putt' car...! It's like when you misses someone so bad that you feel like dying and the moment you see him/her, romantic music starts to sing, heart starts to pump louder and you feel like crying... Damn i love this shyt!

And I forced persuaded Cath to try it. LOL! 

She, with her Shimino crepe (:

say Shiminooooooooo! 

Well, the rest of the day was kinda girly stuffs...you know, shopping, shopping, movie-ing and shopping..? So, rather than continuing this post with craps, I'll have to prepare myself for my next to-do of the day!

And last but not least,