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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nuffnang Screening - HOP

Holla, last day of March 2011! XD So the last post for my March 2011 will be my HOP (which means "jump" in Danish) screening. ☠ ☠ ☠

I believe everyone knows what's the plot is about, right? Well sit back, relax and enjoy the fun! Here is just some of the conversations I love! Weeeee!

from Wikipedia

Ou yeah, the casts:-

E.B aka Easter Bunny - Russell Brand
Fred O'Hare - James Marsden
Sam O'Hare - Kaley Cuoco
Easter Bunny - Hugh Laurie
Carlos & Phil - Hank Azaria

the main character, EB!

Fav lines from EB:-

"Oh, I understand. I'll just sleep down here among my poo and pee like a pig."

"All great artists suffer before they become famous. That lady wrote Harry Potter in a ditch"

another main character as well, Fred O'Hare

Fav lines from Fred (with E.B):-

"Is your sister seeing anyone?"
"No she's single and looking for a rabbit"

"I'm special...I'm really special. Look!"
"What are you doing? Jelly beans? So you talk and you poop candy!"

the evil chicky, Carlos

Fav lines from Carlos:-

"This is called 'Un coup d'état', which is a French for Un coup d'état..Uh hahaha!"

the cute dancing chicky, Phil

Fred's sister, Sam

Fav line from Sam:-

"Look how cute this stuffed bunny is. He's so soft and cute and cuddly and...and....warm"

the Pink Berets!

awwww...isn't he adorable..?

 This is my favorite trailer...! LOL! XD 

 Before screening, a bunch of us went to Kim Gary for dinner (:

Middle - Miss Xing!
Left & Right - Nuffnangers of the night!

Melissa joined us after dinner. Was caught up at work before that...and finally....? WE MET in person!! XD 
The only guy in this picture is Elwyn! My date for the movie...Heeeee! Met Xing again. Heeeeeeee!!

Not forgetting the group photo!

photo from Sher

Blogger who went for the screening - Carmen , Henry Tan , Kian Fai , Hilda Teo , Isaac Tan , Tony Teh Sher Degarmo , Henry Lee , ELWYN and those I met first time. LOL! Sorry didn't get their names >.<

*ehem ehem with the Bri"ish accent* Well over"ll this moo"ee is ente"ainin' , it's funny and both kids and adults will d"finitely LOVE this moo"ee! Go watch it~!  It's really adorableeeee!!! 

P/S Happy April Fool! Weeeee!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mix, Match and March

HOLLAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheee...it's already the end of March! and i survived without a job! ou mai gawd i'm sooooo gonna die soon! stab me please!! i'm too relaxed in my comfort zone that i wish i wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life! aaaarrrgghhhh!! 

anyways, apart from being jobless, i had an awesome March (;
and sorry this will be a slightly long post i tried to compact the pictures into one. :O i know, i'm awesome. thank you. meeeeeehk!

❂ Went to HP Ignite Your Senses event in Zouk (thanks to Munkey!) met a couple of nice and funny human beings. haha!

Left - Met JoJo Stryus, emcee of the night! pree"y!
Middle - Munkey and Hui Wen!
Right - Met Ah Bok and Hui Wen, how on earth they get so funny!

Left - Awesome Hui Wen! X))))
Middle - JoJo Stryus and Munkey.. (:
Right - Munkey's long lost brother..Shiiteck!

❂ Also, i met up with a couple of old high schoolmates to catch up and chit chat a bit over dinner (;

Top Left - ah Thien aka TVB! hahaha! long time no seeeee!
Top Right - A & W Float...! OMGEEEE it's been awhile! T_____T
Bottom Right - Ordered Grill Lamb Chop from Piccadilly and it SUCKED. totally.
Bottom Left - Sylviaaaaaaaaa!!!! Missssh u! 

❂ Went off to Midvalley on a fine day to meet up with my roomie and had dinner together in Chicken Rice Shop (:
a Combo Meal at RM15 for all of the above except for the first left picture. That's their menu... :D

❂ My first visit in CCC, had a cozy chit chat session with JolynMunkey and Jayren (: .

 Coffee FTW!

❂ Accompanied my Darling to her pervert skin specialist in SS19 and then went off to Midvalley for shopping! Damn we were so hooked in shopping! >.<

Me sexy drivah! 

Rak Thai, The Gardens for lunch! (:

❂ Went dating with my roomie in Secret Recipe and we...........walked to the restaurant. Very rare of me to have a more than 5 minutes walk to have my lunch.

Roomie camera shy so...only me in da picture! ☠

❂ Accompanied roomie to meet Uncle Tan and her sis! wuuuhuuuu! Too excited, didn't snap their pictures! lol! phail!

the gray scale way ☻

and a lil' bits of here and there but i think this is pretty much summarizes my whole March. weeee!! i had an amazing and fun March! hopefully the fun will still be here when i got a new job! *amen*

i'll update more soon! lol kiddin' .................................... ? no, not kiddin'!  =_______=

Note: All pictures were taken with Sony Ericsson Satio (;


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Car Summary

i'm pretty sure lots of guys out there saw these parking outside of Pavilion's main entrance couple of weeks ago...on the same day when 羅志祥 (Lo Chih Hsiang) came for his autograph session. I think these boys down here  has more attention that Mr.Lo. LOL! 

Camera: Sony Erisccon Satio
Venue: Main Entrance Pavilion, KL

❀ there were the Ls, the Ps the Fs and i think Ms as well...can't remember since it was weeks ago..but yeah. Too bad it was ALL NOT MINE! Damn..!

Dear Lord, please bless these car well....and that one of them would be mine...someday! AMEN!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hailam Kopitiam

she, my darling comes occasionally to have dinner, chit chat with my roomie and I. so for this time, we tried Hailam Kopitiam in SS2.

hmmm.... crazy mode 

their website HERE

tried their Nasi Lemak Special with Ayam Rendang 

darling and V

darling and Snoopy 

I'm glad with their service and atmosphere. I hate noisy places when it supposed to be cozy and nice to hang out. For those who haven't heard or tried or even don't dare to try this kopitiam... Just Do It!

With all the tired day at work, thanks for driving us out for dinner, love! I specially love riding in your car...lots of crazeh stuffs happens when we're together! hahaha!

P/S I went back for 2nd time and i dropped their salt and soy sauce keeper =______=


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Second Year Blogging


2 years in 2 blinks here i am..still alive..so far so vegetable-ly bad in blogging world. good news is my blog posts has been decreasing! *high 5*

okay okay...i'm not inspired to blog so much..so for now it'll be short posts (:
til i get my mojo for blogging again.

yea...this is my CURRENTLY IN look. jealous?

i strongly believe my readers will have the patience to wait for my lil' mojo to come back for longer posts.just give me some time...let's say A YEAR. ah wait..just in case you won't be here next year (choi! but true), i'll be standing right behind your door tonight to whisper my updates to you.

i would like to say...i'm kidding for all of the above. *bang* kthxCibai..

don't be so sensitive..Ci is for Ciao.. (:


Monday, March 14, 2011


anything new..??? (uh huh...uh huh...)

Camera: Sony Ericsson Satio
Venue: Kelana Jaya LRT Station
new addiction. needles. and it's awesome..

i'm recruiting..if you're interested please call me at 010 - new addiction - 0. thanks.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Untitled 2

i need to face at your back and cry..

Camera: Pink Flower Lomo
Venue: Tynemouth Beach, Newcastle Upon Tyne

but God knows it ain't helping. so please understand when i don't tear.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Catch Up

friend from INTI invited my roomie and i for a meet up since she'll be leaving to Aus..so we went to MV and had Thai food..can't remember what's the restaurant's name but definitely next to Big Apple

her name is Mei Yee

panda face..

she is Kar Yan (:

i'm sick atm..i'll be back.. x o x


Monday, March 07, 2011

Fresh Day

HOLLAAAAAA!!!! Snoopy's back in action again!! weeee~!!

First and foremost i quit my 1st job. It lasted much shorter than i think. It's not about the job, not about the wages, not about anything else. It's about me staying in this society, looking for the perfect spot for myself to shine..and i believe someday that day will come.

I also believe in pursuing both happ'y'ness in life and enjoying work at the same time. Well, at least that's what i  know i am (:  so..i'll be temporarily free~! hopefully during this short period i'll really find out what the hell that i want to do with my life. seriously.

watch out for this thingy...it might be Snoopy inside! XD

wish me luck people!


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Victory To.....Them

2 weeks ago i was battling with this..

then few days ago i lost it...i lost the whole hard disc..wtf. i think they moved my hard disc away from this house. damnit!

oh yeah! i'm still here! *waving* just to say HOLLA!!! see ya again soon! x o x!

P/S *praying damn hard* for an awesome March!!