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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Little Boy: Kak... Kak...!

Me: Apa?

Little Boy: melekat ni....

Me: >.<* . . . .apa?

Little Boy: melekat....!
Me: @.@ [finally knew that MELEKAT = COMPUTER LAGGED]


Friday, July 17, 2009


i was like....why are you so obsessed with me? -Mariah Carey,Obsessed-

who are you obsessed with? (=


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deviated Hearts

relationshipdefined as relatively long-term association between two or more people

couplesis when two becomes one

lovemeans any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment

is it really what it had been defined?is it really as easy as it had been written?how can one be sure when it involves the "affection" and "emotions"?
confused.unsolved.X-Files.puzzled.whatever =.=
heard people said "i will take care of you for the rest of your life", "i love you very much", "i can't live without you"sounds sweet, feel great and securehahk! *yeah right*

then why do betrayal, cheating, disappointments pop up after those sweet-into-the-heart?
from 1 Corinthians 13, love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast and it is not proud
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres
Love never fails

patient? does not ENVY? *roll eyes* i think 99.99% of the people in this galaxy has that characteristic in their bloodand "i will never lie to you" thing is so so so so expiredof course when people lie they come up with "i don't want you to think too much" shits

the best thing that happens is some people don't think they're wrong when their mind inserts other than the other half! *shrugs*
can't these people just be a little more loyal? just a 'lil more F* loyalto themselves, to their partner, to whatever they devoted incan't they try their best to preserve the great thing that not the whole world gets?

what's the point of being in a relationship when the fragile heart is obviously not ready for it?!why should the heart be tortured that way?why don't you feel guilty doing things that is not the definition of LOVE?

i wonder if you even understand what LOVE really is after all
shame on those who betrayed LOVE 


Kuching Week

HOLA!!! had been MIA cause I flew over to Kuching for the Rain forest Festival. . . which had been canceled due to H1N1 =.= 
but then we had other plans so..it's was great! >.<*

erm...4got the name but it's really delicious
green tea cha guo
fresh and tasty ba zhang [rice dumpling]!
we went to the famously-introduced SIN LIAN SHIN for their kolomeethumbs up up up!

it's 'lil old but i love the atmosphere
one of the kolomee (=
red kolomee
hot,yummy little yam puff
Left: Quote V "turtle family but not turtle" =.= Right: wild boar meat
Sarawak asam laksa and 3 layer tea ^.^
Sunny Hill's ice cream! soft and refreshing!
the last night we stayed uncle and auntie Tan brought us to dine at a restaurant (=
Beijing duck..yummy!
i think this is yin yang prawn cause it has both salad and black sauce prawnsi start to miss them pulak >.<
BONELESS sweet and sour fish :D
aahhh...desserts...speechlesscandidates are New York cheese cake, Cocoa Napoleon and Banana Chocolate cheese cake
a random SNOOPITIZED viva!! >.<
new friend: Hunter! he's inactive during the day, hyperactive at night =.=
Pic Of The Week: McD's not for sale LIP GLOSS with the make up artist
goodbye Kuching! i love you~~~~!!


Thursday, July 09, 2009

2nd Year

the results for my 2nd year will be out any time tomorrow and i'm here right here right now, worrying about iti'm aware that it's useless to worry about it until the results are released online but sometimes these feelings just haunt me for the whole night

lucks to everyone else..! 


Tuesday, July 07, 2009


other than what happened to my brother's computer. . .the other thing that's weird is. . .is. . . is. . . . .i watched MJ's documentary

and cried. =.=

well...i just can't understand W-H-Ywhy do people like Jordan Chandler and Gavin did such things as their "appreciation" of what he did to them?why can't people leave him alone?why can't he get the only things he wanted most? - love

i watched just an hour of his memorial funeral live in CNN but then i was too sleepy i went to bedbut it was totally emotional and people all around the world watching the same show either online or via television

i wonder where is he now /.\ 

before you judge me, try hard to love me ~Micheal Jackson, Childhood~


Monday, July 06, 2009


i didn't abandon my blog this few daysinstead. . .i was FORBIDDEN =.=apparently my brother's computer at home was infected with some unknown virus [he did found out after that but i forgot the name] AND his main computer in the shop was also infected in a waythe good news is I WAS TO BLAMED /.\

once the main computer was infected, the server was down and the virus started to spread to the other computers. . . it's like a HIV pregnant mum gave birth to 20 infected babies..!!! >.<*

i'm innocent..!! all i did to his computer was just normal surfing. . . facebook, nuffnang, YouChoob, google etc etcbut my brother claimed that i did something, somewhere, somehow to the computer *shrugs*

he lost 3 days business just to reformat, copy games, reinstall and update every single game in every computer which means 20 of them @.@ he had been nagging since thenhe also said "don't play with my computer ah..!"and that's why my blog had been missing some of the dates =.=

i seriously don't think my viruses transmitted to his computer loh >.< :| :| mmkay this part is lame


Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Day In Phenomic

Phenomic is my brother's cybercafe and my mum commanded me to look after the shop, helping my brother outmy first day was a 'lil out of control

calculated RM4.50 + RM4.50 = RM9.50

log out the wrong computer. . .when she was still playing her game @.@

i told customers soft drinks are RM2.00 padahal the sticker written RM1.80

spoke chinese to one of the customer when he was a Malay guy =.=

well...not bad what... (=


Wednesday, July 01, 2009


During dinner. . .

Auntie: don't take a picture of me eating lah! so ugly..! yer..!

Dad: she's like that one..she'll take those ugly ugly one and show it to her friends afterward

Snoopy: =.="


During road trip. . .

Mum: look at your daughter, put her feet on the window..she doesn't look like a girl

Dad: . . .

Snoopy: *pretend i didn't hear*


Bro: go get the table clothe from my car. don't forget to lock the car ah

Snoopy: :| *walk away*

Bro: you go to my car and help me to take the parking ticket.

Snoopy: ~.~ *walk away*

Bro: eh?!?! why only one??!? inside the car also got a lot..

Snoopy: you didn't say properly?!?!? @#$%^&*( *walk away again*


Auntie came into my dad's car and i was sick

Snoopy: Auntie, i'm sick oh!

Auntie: HAH?!?! sick ah!?!? you don't come near me, i'm sensitive one woh..!

Snoopy: =.=

After dinner. . . 

Auntie: aiyah..! i think i'm infected already..!

Snoopy: *so fast?* HAHAHAHA..!!

After shopping. . .

Auntie: die loh..! i cannot breathe now..!!

Mum: *giggles*

Snoopy: =.=" *dramatic nyerr*


In my brother's CC. . .

Snoopy: *blogreading*

10 year old kid: who are you oh?

Snoopy: ???

10 year old kid: ei..??

Snoopy: ??? *giggles*


Before road trip. . .

Mum: when you want to go back? [to Tawau]

Dad: Monday or Tuesday loh..i have to work ah

Driving somewhere in KK. . .

Mum: when are you going back again?

Dad: Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday lor...

Mum: heheehehe...wa..that day say need to work..?

Dad: . . . .


Dad looking at a size XL shirt. . .

Dad: amoi... ini ada size X kah?

Promoter: :| :|


Dad: *shy*eh bukan....size L...L

5 mins later. . .

Dad: moi...moi....ini size X..?


Promoter: :| :|


Maria_Beautiful Girl

hehehe....remember the 200 Pounds Beauty movie?yea yea..the 2006 Korean comedy (=well...i have this habit of repeating movies and i got this movie from my UK flatmateand guess what...i watched it for around 10 times already, including the ones i watched in YouChoob

i don't really fancy Korean dramas or movies cause the crying scene are way too much and people watching cried much more than those dramas =.= my mum likes them even though she keep complaining the actor and actress cries a lot. . . can't understand her

anyway...i can't get enough with this comedy. . . seriously i can'tthe 1st movie that i can repeat over and over and over and over again in a day

i love the actor, actress, the storyline, the dog [pang!], the soundtracks

teaser clip - Beautiful Girl

she really sang this song in this movie (= how nice