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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zoo Day

i turned into a 12 year old girl and went to the ZOO with my dad,aunt and my smart cousin [seriously smart cousin]

it's Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Kota Kinabalu with an entrance fee of RM 10.00 per person and it's really worth a triphehe..if you think i'm too old for this, think again when you bring your kids to the zoo in the future =pif you're too lazy to walk around the zoo it's fine..they have this nice and comfy train that tours around for only RM 2.00 per head

new train (=

if interested kindly click the link below


white cockatoo

colored parrots

a 500kg elephant can consume 50kg food - 10% of it's weight =.=

i don't understand the act. . . =.=

Lok Kawi also has a small theater for daily animal performance the ones i watched was orang utan, python and parrots

oops...blurry swinging orang utan

close up on smart parrots

this picture taken WAS NOT ZOOMED...aiyah..small python nia..no need to scare one..can go as near as u like (=

Pic of The Day: i told my dad to stand next to the Mr.Ostrich, he said "It'll bite me"


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pussy Cat

just got home from dinner with my relatives at Gayang Seafood Restaurant it's my aunt's birthday and she suggested we have dinner together in fact, that's the main reason my parents and I drove all the way from Tawau to KK, to celebrate my aunt's birthday

my aunt is already a grandma of 4 cutie "monks" named Doraemon, Tweety Bird, Pussy Cat and Mickey Mouse [all of them are nicknames =.=] so...i finished my plate and went to sit with Pussy Cat was little surprise to see he had minor red eyes and kind of watery tooso i asked him...

"are you full?"
[in Malay]

*shakeds head* + *nods head*

"are you sleepy? do you want to sleep?"

*shakes head* + *nods head* again.

then he expressed the EXTREME sleepy face to me when he was still chewing his food! oh gosh..! he was going to sleep on the spot, still chewing his food, blinking his eyes very slowly and. . . .blackout :|my aunt said no matter how hard you wake him up, he'll be in "coma"

seen it? seen it???!??! oh my...! the very 1st time i met some 3 year kiddo who can sleep as soon as he finished his food..! *faint* SPEECHLESSSSSSSSSSS

Gayang Restaurant

scenery behind

too bad i can't eat with the sauces

didn't really eat this mushroom dish

noodles cooked with squids

From left: dad,hidden mum, mum's friend's daughter,Doremon,Cousin aka Doremon's mum

From right: uncle aka Dad's brother, cousin, birthday aunt, Oo Oo aka Pussy Cat, Kah Lok aka Tweety Bird

90% sleep face =.="""


Friday, June 26, 2009

Road Trip

woke up around 7am, packed for Road Trip to Kota Kinabalu! not that excited thought cause i'm STILL SICK.. @.@ and it got worst all the wayi keep peeing wherever we stopped and it was totally frustrating.. anyway.. halfway driving, my dad pulled through and both of my parents went down 'lil curious cause i was sleeping so i checked out what they did and recorded it

they were picking up small stones for my mum's cactus =.= noticed that "What are you doing oh?" twice? i guess they were too excited about those stones that they BSKL me =.=""the next thing happened was my mum somehow got my dad to steal some roadside flowers :| :|

pencuri bunga =.=

second round he did it again...without any orders from my mum [dah pro kot =.=]

tat innocent look..ish ish

cute T-shirt i bought for my dad from Barcelona ^.^

other than that, they woke me up and said "SUNSET SUNSET..!! TAKE PICTURE..!!"such cute parents..hmmm

take one!

take two

hehe..heroin slept all the way

by they way, my dad told me earlier that Micheal Jackson was pronounced dead last night too sad to hear that, too bad his concert was incomplete


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen




indeed a great movie >.<


Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

What’s the thing that you feel secure about and can be sure that it won’t flow out of our hands?

It’s raining heavily…
Until it overcame the tears that I shed a moment ago.
Feels like it heard someone, somewhere, somehow was weeping.

He blessed me with a man full of love and care that I can’t imagineThe sacrifice that this man made for me since I came into this world was like a non-stop musicA man that I can’t even think what will happen in future if he would have gone before meYes, it’s silly to think about it now but it just came

How could I let him go when I haven’t spent the most of my time with him like I do to my laptop? I’m not prepared to stop calling him Daddy - never will

I might not know in detail about this man’s life before me but for sure, certain and I had no doubt, he has his success I can obviously perceive

Saw Feel Thought Knew ExperiencedBelieved

It will never change And absolutely won’t flow out of my fingertips

Happy Father’s Day. I love you, Dy


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

this was a horror movie i watched with friends and one of them amazingly slept halfway through =.=

the last scene was when Christine and her boyfriend was about to leave town for a nice trip at the train station and she found out that the button was not transferred to Mrs.Ganush as told hence, she fell into the railway and was dragged back to hell by Lamia

this was the scene
so..the next day i went to KL since i dated my mum while waiting for the next train...


that's the result of thinking too much after a moviei should have slept at that part =.=



She trusted her feelings, but was betrayed not by her owns,

let go, but there are deep scars

She relied on THE ONE, but has NO ONE

was once braved and self-assured, but now coward and timid

She said “I would never ever fall again”

with a look of disappointments…

BUT if,

she would ever ever fall into the thing named Love,

she shall be armored to defeat the greatest enemy that once upon a time had victory,

to hold on and preserve the simple word,

to prevent two little hearts gets hurt,

to have a breakthrough and strong,

to never say “I give up”

to be brave

to love



Friday, June 19, 2009

First Bites

"what will be the first thing that goes into my mouth?"that was the question played in my head when we went to The Curve on 14th June 2009

i never thought it was G's LITTLE PINEAPPLE TARTS. . . . :| :| :|after months of waiting for local food, the crown went to a little pineapple tarts..! @.@oh~ let it be...forget that question and the expectationsjust move on. . . =.=

as i mentioned, we went to Little Penang Cafei'm not really a fan of noodles but i ordered Lam Mee it was not hot enough but it was nicehahahha...! i don't have the picture of it cause toooooo hungry that when it came i just forgot about the camera which was 3cm from my hand =.=

that was my First Bite at Little Penang Kafe moved on to a movie then supper....

to SS2 kot...either SS1 or SS2 =.=

long time no see, friend! [roti cheese]

had a bit on "Lou Shu Fan"

shoot..! i didn't took a picture of my First Roti Hawaii...! but it was awesome..! totally fell in love with it...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Kumpur or KL my very first place of Summer 2009 (= thrilled. excited. happy. overjoyed the feelings that i should felt as soon as i reached..wait, "should"? hmmm...yes...SHOULD

hot. noisy. headache. smells is what appeared in my head =.= of course the reunion with friends gave the credit but nothing much changed over the 8 months and i wonder it's a good thing or bad
the couple

thanks to Satay and Darling [Jiok] who waited for me in KLIA's KFC when AirAsia landed at LCCT =.="but then it was a funny experience for all of us..haha..!after the extreme weather and heat, i just can't take it anymore..i went back to INTI Nilai and showered, changed and rushed to The Curve
long-time-no-see Tissue Girl

met Ah Hwa, Tissue Girl, Mathew, G had tea, movie and SUPPER together~! it was a stuffed night after all and i really really missed Malaysian Food very much..!

nightlife at The Curve

more to come people..see ya..!


Long Journey

with a long post of pictures about this journey

despite all the sleepless nights i had, i still have to drag myself for this big day yes...it was a big day indeed

special thanks to Liam who helped me a lot in cleaning, cooking and moved my stuffs..i owe u man and we'll go out someday next year, my treat

other than the bus from Newcastle Central Station to Milton Keynes was 'lil delayed, everything was fine

reached a stop [can't catch its name] looking back at the road taken admiring my newly bought shoes (= waiting for another round of bus as the other passengers did
wondered will i be like her 30 years later waiting to be taken as today

chewing some food into my stomach tank while watching people come and go traffic jam at the departure door flying up in the sky, looking at the pure clouds that brought peace and of course the H1N1 form that all passengers have to fill in
nonsense..! who wants to sit in a plane for Xtra Long [time/hours was interpreted in my head]??!well...it's just me..

basically i love to fly cause it's near to the peaceful sky especially at night when the sky was crowded with stars (=looking at it, went speechless yet managed to pose a smile to the outer side
at the beginning, the flight was alright. except there were no food provided [ala...AirAsia]. and no TV [ala...AirAsia again]. and the plane was shaky almost every hour [ala...AirAsia ha?]

it's like sitting on an OGAWA massage machine but when it first shaked my brain quickly thought of France Air : :thought of what would happen if i just suddenly *POOF* off from this world?

even Surshen Tan and Dr.Wong also can't do any examination sincemy body won't be found but lucky me that the Lord stil have mercy on me and i lived..! that's it..! for those who still can't figure out where is my summer trip destination after that BIG sign of the airplane above..kindly Google AirAsia and read where does the company originate from =.=til then..!