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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mrs. Ali's the Chef?

heh! okay...brain talk a little about what to blog this timebeen blogwalking these few days and saw HOT posts... *panic panic* you know why? cause i'm dead bored at the momentwhen i'm busy, i barely sleep..when i'm free, my brain is so energetic until i can't stand it myself ~.~ it's very annoying ah listen to the brain talking and talking and talking-g-g-g-g non-stop..it's hurting me, you know, emotionally, mentally...  kiddin!

alright...i'd tries Mrs Ali's food for several times because i was in love with the first dish i ordered first time but then i don't taste that delicious-ness in her food anymore *sigh*and i posted it now just to make sure the food quality..hehe besides not letting you know about this restaurant

so i ordered a Wednesday meal which includes 1 starter, 1 main course and 2 side dishes

Chana Saag
it's spinach with checkpeas...not sure if i'd those peas before..

Chicken Chat
slices of chicken with sweet spices..really nice (;

Peshwari Rice
basmati rice cooked with raisins and coconut...ughh~ hate the santan smell

Tikka Lamb
nothing special...i still can't get my first love out of my head, Naga Lamb :(

first of all..i'm not usre if Mrs.Ali cooked all the dishes by herself cause the standard was not as good as she had written down on the menu but then i love some of them and hate some of them so, you gotta try it out yourself my score would be....5/10

don't be sad Mrs.Ali, i'm pretty sure if you gave me extra Naga Lamb i would give a 7//10...? hehe! no i'm not bribing~

the address would be:-

Scottish Life House, Archbold Terrace,

Tel: 0191 281 9988


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


it's election week for Northumbria University (23th - 25th March) and the campaign has been going on for 2 weeks, maybe plus but then this caught my attention

 i bet everyone took note on this as well..

his car decorated with balloons @.@

this candidate..decorated his car to get...votes?

okay...besides letting me know you have a nice car, it doesn't make any connection with this election. well if i'm getting that car after voting him then i don't mind the hustle... *wink* but i don't think that's the case? i really don't get it what's the point of using his car woh @.@

so i get the car o not? or at least a ride? what's the catch?

another thing that's not relevant? i went to H&M and tried this maxi dress

love this dress

i had a crush on maxi dresses since last year and i just love this one..apparently it doesn't like me at all. but it's really nice...love the color...it's so...appearing  and i totally love the combination of the colors

sorry, my shoe action nak masuk in that picture...


Saturday, March 20, 2010


a little boy tagged along his mother to a tomato farm and help out halfway through, he teared

"What's wrong, honey?" ask his mother

"I-i plucked a green tomato" he replied

"Well it's alright, just leave it here" comforting and stroking his head softly

But if i hadn't plucked him, he would not die so soon

some people came and stayed long enough to know what life means some people came and go instantly without grasping the first breath some came but being treated so bad that they went away without a note of goodbye

i'm not sure if more and more people are aware of crises happening all around are giving signals for people to hold on steadfastly to the life they're having now some said 'i'm blessed to have a new day!' but some said !i rather die than to have this horrible life!'

different eyes reflexes different meanings and understanding on what they see and i learnt to acknowledge that there's no right or wrong, agree?unless for stupid stuffs e.g did Jesus ever dreamt of girls? =.=because when the debate is on, there's no end until a definite answer is obtained which is rarely to happen since both parties has different perceptions

to be given life is not an option so why choose an end instead of trying hard to treasure it when it's not you who gave yourself a beginning? 

extra scene

it takes 2 to argue but only 1 to stop it.


Thursday, March 18, 2010



finally i'm done with my report of the week!it's not common yes i know I KNOW.. but hear me out...just me okay? i'll whisper to you lor just in case later you reply cheh~ but you won't one la, will you?

anyways sta-sta-starting from Sunday-day-day hor....i-i-i-i-i (this whispering idea is so stupid =.=) h-h-h-h-ad work from 2pm til 6pm then family dinner at 8pm..sure won't do anything related to school work, agree? because IT'S SUNDAY MAAAA..! unless Monday got homework to hand in otherwise, obey the bible when it says "Do not work on Sabbath" hehe! HALLELUJAH!

okay? happy with Sunday?....good

right, Monday started a report which was handed in on Tuesday *yeay*♥HARDCORE until mampus! plus supper a bit plus movie a bit plus nap a bit plus facebook a bit oh mai gutt so hardcore hor?!?! no time to rest ah!

Tuesday after handed-in with messy smelly hair, forgot to brush my teeth as well kiddin! i attended lecture at 9:30am oh mai gutt (kali dua) so hardcore hor? yes...because that ngong module is going to be examined in May and the notes are NOT IN BlackBoard (Student University website) %$*#$$)%& lecturerthen noon got short meeting then went back home, facebook a bit, eat a bit, chat a bit then SLEEEEP

now what the hell is the use of buying Clinique products when i can't even get a sleep? tell me? tell me? i tell u lar...WASTE OF MONEY LOH! no wonder i anti-MONEY NO ENOUGH (by Jack Neo) kiddin kali dua!

Wednesday no need to explain..it's my permanent shift but since it's St.Patrick's Day yesterday (17/03) my shift was from 11:00 til 19:00....no need to count, i can tell you it's 8 f*ckinglonghourswant to hardcore kali tiga so that can WASTE OF MONEY kali dua hor? no lar...for my family to come in July (this is no joke) (=

came back from work sure tired! this one must agree gau gau!but then today got report to hand in woh! how?!?!?

HARDCORE kali empat LOH

okie..gotta get ready, print out from library and hand in my report soon...chiao~!

then hardcore again wtfwtfwtfwtf!....to be continue..

by the way i didn't whisper anymore somewhere somehow.....................................................now you can say cheh~


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Backstabber or Two Faced?

backstabber Pictures, Images and Photos

Backstabber Pictures, Images and Photos

2 FACED Pictures, Images and Photos

back stabber Pictures, Images and Photos

2 faced Pictures, Images and Photos

two faced Pictures, Images and Photos

there..as simple as these words speak out


Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Price of Unawareness

to all the girls out there, beware of giving out your personal information on Facebook *sigh*..i think this won't work..


okay, so u might heard of it, this will be a reminder..for those who haven't heard, be cautiousthis happened in Spain where the girl above (ooo sexy) posted all her hot pictures on Facebook as well as her personal details like phone numbers and home address

it reasonable cause after all, it's information that you would like people to know maybe to contact you etc etcwell as you all expected, she has lots and lots of friends due to those amazing cum seductive pictures

there's a guy who asked her out and maybe thought of getting laid by this sexy layday but she rejected (good thing)but because he gt her infos from Facebook, she ended up in heaven or god knows where she is now..

pictures from forwarded email

i'm not sure if this is a new/old/real/hoax but whatever it is..danger is still out there and you might be the 374870238120032 victim

take really good care of yourself princesses, cause danger can be right next to you (look left & right now but don't show that sarcastic look) and yes, they might have been targeting you for quite some time

i understand that it's really hard to keep track on "beware" signs but never give any chance, will ya? take this girl as a warning or reminder to ourselves that don't ever, never ever, don't even think of cheating these kind of deaths

so you're sexy, hot, man eater or whatsoever then what? you're not any celebrity or even close to it.. only celebs got protected by the waypost your amazing bod pictures online in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and whatsoever then what again?

add RANDOM people as FRIENDS or chat buddy or whatsoever then what what again again?all these gives the opportunity to pathetic, psychopath, something-wrong-with-their-f*cked up-life people to attack us, no?

the first thing i did after receiving this email was deleted my current address..i used to think that address will be used by friends (that i know) to send me stuffs but on OIWHFHNCPPEJBRBAKHG thoughts, forget iti had a album of me & my *ehem* but still being asked "You got boyfriend meh?" duuuuh~ my grandfather meh? =.=

repeated in GA-GA-GA-GA-ZILLION-N-N-N-N times even a bit tired already peeps, especially GUYS who stalk and attack these random women, you'll rot in hell, my friend to women, girls and little girls out there, the "it's a beautiful world" song is no longer valuable so, just beware of people who surrounds you

put your address up on Facebook then you'll be next..!!


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Second Chance?

went to Cheeky Duck for second round because we all LOVE the Spare Ribs in Salt and Pepper sauce! :Dthis time, i was really satisfied with the food.. well done!

so V, G and i ordered a set meal, one starter and one main course just like i had from China Town Express
King Prawn in Double Mushroom sauce  *sluuurps*

close look..oooOoooO...mushrooms, carrots, onions, mushrooms again, prawns... :D

my love, Spare Ribs!!

the taste of spiciness in saltiness..it's just soooo BOOMZ~ hahaha!

the other thing i like about here is they serve rice and main course in a separate dish...this way, the sauce won't flood the whole rice which i hate LOADS cause the rice tend to....to.....to be watery and soft i hate soft rice

i'm now happy to return to this restaurant :D


Monday, March 08, 2010

How Much of Bananas?

banana cake...banana cake...eat banana...still wants banana cake...banana cake = craving for banana cake

aww..so my chef made one!

ingredients needed: self raising flour, sugar, banana (of course), eggs, butter (but we used ghee this round)

 ou...biscuits are just for decoration on the table (=

my sifu whom her sifu is from an unknown internet recipe owner
assistant + pengacau
after 30 minutes!
finally our banana cakey is done! too much banana though but who cares...it's edible (=

it's a CAKE peeps..a CAKE

best served with Neslo Ice but since it's kinda cold here, why don't have a Hot Chocolate or Hot Teh Boh?


Sunday, March 07, 2010

12 Lenses

ebay-ed last 2 weeks! :D only twice that week..bad girl turned good *grin*this time, i bought something FUN..! hehe it's a set of JELLY LENS for both digital cameras and hand phones to capture different images

i tried out some of them, only the Star frame effect lens doesn't work..the rest was really interesting..!

if interested then click here --> Get Your Jelly Lens! <--

 Close Up effect lens..damn close, man!

 me and G in Heart frame effect
6 Image Mirage effect
Soft Lens effect
har....V & G in Stretch effect lens (slim eh?)
Fish Eye effect lens :D

i'm going to try out some more lenses next time! hahaha! it's really entertaining!


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cheekie Cheekie

went to --->Cheeky Duck<--- on Friday cause my twin a.k.a Michelle treat me lunch! since V & G was busy with lab sessions so i went alone..! excuse nia!

may i take your order please?
Bubble Milk Tea
Shredded Pork with Peppers served with white rice

my review is..the pork and rice was quite stoned :| i kinda like the sauce but not the rest.. the bubbles from the milk tea was stoned as well *sigh* quite disappointing but it's a treat again! what else can i ask for? another round?


Thursday, March 04, 2010

First Week Treat

food again..! God Blessed Me Well! but please don't do anything with my weight :| :| *amen*

Spicy Chicken Burger served with chips, mayo and coleslaw
Hawaiian pizza

the burger? too dry and too dry *thumbs down* Hawaiian pizza is alright just a little too oily

oh well..it's all in MY STOMACH the minute i had that food (=can i ask for more~?


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

1 Year Blogy

just in three hundred million twenty nine thousand and sixty four a blink! it's been a year since i started to blog *watery eyes* all the fun and laziness and outdated posts

...hmmm.. =.= okay again take 2..all the things learnt, new discoveries about blogging, exploring interesting blogs it's really a pleasure to blog even if nobody's reading it it's like a talking machine..you know, every time in your head there's "someone" who TALKS to you and you do response? yea..something like that..don't tell me i'm weird :|

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . .


anyhow i bet there's much more to learn about this blogging world and lots of updates have to be done from time to time

o-o-o-o-okay f-f-f-f-f-f-f-or now (sorry lagging a bit) i gotta go, working whole day tomorrow

just to defend myself...BRAIN DO TALK!

i'm a prrrrrrofesional drawer! :D :D kiddin!


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

To Eat? Or Not..



face-turned-burnt garlic baguette