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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just A Day til July Arrives


I surprised most of my relatives when they knew I had to be back yesterday. That's heartbreaking I know but at least I was there for a week...? :(

Hopefully July will be awesome. I bet it will.. It's the month of fasting for the Muslims and then TA-DAA! It's raya holidays! 

Mali mali huung! Come come July! Ah lai lai.. Kik lai liao! ( quote Namewee)

  1. My last dinner with my huge family on Friday night. The young ones (includes me of course) were supposed to sing k last night. *sigh sniff sigh sniff*
  2. My 3 years old cousin was trying to snap a picture of my dad's toe. Well.... very close.. very close.
  3. Croissants from Yoyo! I bought that for my grandma and she love it too! Hahaha! But she dipped it in satay sauce  =_________=
  4. Grandma and her fav bald doll. HA HA! My ah sou told me the doll looked scary and grandma heard it. "Scary meh?! Where got scary" And then she started hugging the baby.. Hahaha! But I can't tell if that's a girl baby or a boy. Wtm..
  5. Went to Paradigm Mall earlier to get some formal clothes. Parked at the top floor and saw the view.. blocked by the construction. Hmm..
  6. Another usage of an iron board - working desk! Lol wtm..

Okie dokie, that's all for now.. 


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Almost Back On Track


So... I woke up quite early this morning because my parents are going back to my hometown today.. driving.  So now I'm half awake with a loooong day ahead of me before i head back to KL!

*happy and sad face got mixed up* Wtm..

I can't decide what to feel actually. Lol.. should I be happy that I finally got an ideal job of my own or be sad for leaving my family and relatives again and again. And I bet I won't be coming back so soon... Meh~

But I'm so excited that almost everything is back on track...almost everything. I still have the people I love with me, plans are on the way and...oh well.. Let's just see what will happen in KL then! :D


  1. Magnum! My dad gave me his genes of being a Magnum freak. They came out with a couple of new flavours and it was sooooooo wtm good!
  2. The stupid Club Sandwich caused me bellyache for 2 freaking days now.
  3. My fav cook made us noodles for breakfast! He's sooo handsome and talented and kind and everything nice that fits! Heh!
  4. My brother and sis in law got my aunt a green tea-red bean cake for her birthday! Not bad I must say.. *thumbs up*

I'll have to pack for my journey now. Tata!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back To Level 1


Arghh.. Every time I'm back home I'll be dead busy. Too much to do in a day! I'm back for few days now and my energy are totally drained. So tired today that I stayed home after breakfast and grocery shopping. Hence, the time to blog as well. Ha Ha.

Anyway, I want to share some pictures (before my laptop dies on me again, who knows).


  1. My laptop has been revived as my previous post mentioned. And it was time for me to work again. LOL.. What work does a jobless person have? XD
  2. My big family and I went to the Crocodile farm and geez.. It was totally how I remembered it. So much has changed and I really don't remember anything similar when I went there loooong time ago. Or maybe my memories for that age doesn't work any more. Meh.. There were other animals too look at besides the crocodiles - deer, loads of fishes, butterflies.. It seems more like a zoo than a crocodile farm to me. Ha Ha.
  3. I wish I have that much colours on me too. Lol.. 
  4. Pretty little flowers! And yes I don't know what's the name for that.. Or any other flowers. They are just flowers to me. #flowergirlfail
  5. Been coughing during midnights and dad made Breacol-Scotch for me. Feels so pro drinking that and blogging at the same time. Wtm.
  6. My 14 years old cousin loves anime but she never drew it on any fingers. So I did the honour by forcing her to draw it on my thumb. Not bad right? But the water ruined it. Wtm..
  7. Coconut drink are just the cheapest and best drink to have for a 35-ish degree weather.

Hello laptop.

Crocodile Farm which.. doesn't have only crocodiles.

Lovely colours :D

So pretty!

Scotch (Made from Breacol.Meh)

To ease the hot weather!

My photo editing skills suddenly dropped to baby-beginner level. Mensiasoikan me only. =.= I wish I can have more time to write about stuffs before I forget everything. Who invented Alzheimer?!

I'll be back soon. Tata!


Monday, June 24, 2013

June Almost Gone.


Wtm I have only one post for 2013? Who am I kidding? Hahaa! Can't really put the blame on me though. My lappie died on me for the 395724857th time and thanks to my NON-GEEK genes, I had to send it all the way back to Sabah and got my brother to fix it. Meh..

But now it's fixed..! And *fingers crossed* nothing will happen for the next 9472630 years. Wtm. This also means I'm freaking excited for my laptop to be alive again after the dramatic death!

Who's this bitch

That's all for now. Tata!

P/S I realized phone blogging is so annoying (as my previous post shows).