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Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 Chinese New Year


Last day of Chinese New Year! But I'm only writing now. Having too much fun despite my cough and flu. Anyway, I'm updating about my Chinese New Year with photos! Both the fun and not so pretty side of it this year. I know most bloggers are posting really fancy and adorable CNY pictures but mine wasn't perfect. And that's what I love about my CNY. Heh.

1. Finger got cut by a shaving blade. The really-old-school-shaving-blade. My sister in law was pro at this as she had been using this blade to shape her brows. For me, I was too dependent of the which tech products from Sasa that I was clumsy when I used her shaving blade. Geez.

2. My niece was excitedly playing with my cousin when her poop just flowed out from her pants. Hahaha! Somehow her poop was the watery kind and her pampers couldn't suck it all in so it was all over the floor. Poor thing my dad and brother had to clean it up. Haha!