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Friday, May 29, 2009


oops...bloggie had been abandoned hoh? hehe...not purposely but i'm in the middle of the big thing - F*I*N*A*L*S

just a short post about a new song from The Saturdays - Work which exactly what i'm going to be stalked for these two weeks but the lyrics are in total opposite meaning
i have another responsibility now - W*O*R*K in my university's bar (= it had been my wishlist to work as a bar staff..reminds me of the movie, Coyote Ugly...hahaaha~!!
enjoy the weekend and see ya later *hugs*


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Smart Ones

this cat is freaking smart..! it will be a great stalker... :D :D :D



a little transformation i did to my laptop...just. . .a. . . little (= what i did? hmmm...laptop turned lappie turned snooppie..that's all :| :|

lappie...ready to be snoopitized..!

tah dahhhhh~~~~~!!! >.< yea i know..what a masterpiece..hahahaa! joking =.=

right side of it (=

left side..

is it nice..? i did the same thing to my previous laptop but that was only white alphabets and this time it's little different told you it's just a little transformation (=and no i didn't violate my laptop =.=" i'm sure "she" likes it too ~.~


Friday, May 22, 2009

Personal Wealth Management

my phone rang around 10:30am this morning and god-knows how reluctant i was to answer that call after i slept at 5ambut still, i did answered as soon as i saw it was an UNKNOWN CALLER :|a little mixture of thrilled and confused to get an UNKNOWN CALL that happens not even occasionally especially when i was in the country of Gordon Brown

Me: hello...? [tried to act like it's not the 'sexy' sleepy voice =.=]

Unknown Caller: hello, may i speak to michelle tang?

Me: yea..this is her... [pulled back the curtain as the same time]

Caller: hi i'm calling from LloydsTSB...%^&^%$$%^&*()(*&^%$@#$%^&*

Me:. . . oh. . . .yea. . . .[my mind floated away~~ *&^%$#$%^&*()*&^%$#]

Caller: [he asked about my banking account]. . . . .what are you going to use it for?

Me: [eh? how did he know about the amount?] ou..i have to pay for my school fees..hehee
- in my head was full of questions about this guy..he sounds fishy..how did he get access into my account? why is it so nice of him to call me early morning to discuss about my account? who the hell is he again??

Caller: oh it's a shame then because *&^%$#@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*(^%^&^%$#@!@#$%^&*. . . . . . . . .

Me: oh okay. . .okay okay. . . [thinking..thinking]

Caller: i'll leave it to you then. i just want to let you know about it.

Me: okay okay. . . .thank you~[still thinking]

i went back to bed but my brain can't stop thinking about unknown caller [i didn't catch his name =.=] suddenly "Personal Wealth Management" caught my attention"ahhhh..that's it~! that's what CVC meant when he said he's a Personal Wealth "MANYZER" now...cheh~"

correct me if i'm wrong, Personal Wealth Manager is a person who's in charge of your banking acount and they provide you better suggestions on how to use your money in a better waywa~~~ yeng leh...some ang mo called and discuss about how am i suppose to manage my money as if i'm some kind of business women *giggles*

ok....back to sleep after this post....zZzZZzZzzzzZZZZzZzZZZzZzzZ


David Choi

relaxing...and the lyrics are so genuine. that's my comment (=

Lyrics | David Choi lyrics - Won't Even Start lyrics


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost And Found

thanks to my sweet darl...i no longer feel lost (=hahaa...don't worry..it's true

thank you darl..! *fly kiss*

also thanx to ~gene~he was so nervous and scared when i obviously joked about "just in case i die hoh, bla bla bla"he even said if i mentioned about it again he'll get angry *yaiks*i was laughing all along in my room, thinking "gosh..luckily he didn't get to see my expression now" thanks yea..you're like an electrocute, so sensitive yet funny [funny is only for gene]..! >.<
my S&R interview result

i have been SELECTED as a Bar Staff..!! hooray...! it was totally unexpectedi checked my mail at 9pm when they said the latest will be 5pm but since i wasn't expecting anything good so i don't give a shit of nervous on itbut it was really unexpected..! i guess they love CRAPPERS after all (=and this is what found my soul..and it bring my soul back to me


Sunday, May 17, 2009


heh..heh...for those who called me EMO all the time, i believed you all had your own EMO time also hoh ala la...guess no more and stop pointing fingers...it's you lah..! and you..and youuu~ all of youpandai pandai accused me of being emo all the time, now it's your turn *Laugh Out Loud*

what's so great about being emo? hmm....i guess it scares people away? or they tag you EMO? ngai teee...my EMO is not those kind below loh....

these kind will scare both humans and ah piaos off =.=
errr.....this one expression got little bit same same lar har.. >.<
this is what i meant by EMO
my kind of EMO is the kind where i get upset, angry or unfeelingly type of expressionsfor me, the best part of being EMO is others don't get what's in my mind because it's a sudden change which my friends can't catch up...especially those with "brain tumorssss" =.=

but even though i'm no longer EMO [as in seldom lah..] i am already TAGGED..so i suppose i can't get rid of it? but it's not a bad thingat least i have that character in me (=

Emo Snoopy *wink*


S&R Day

the reason i'm blogging about the Selection and Recruitment Day is because of the interviewi was questioned with few simple questions and all i did was CRAPPED i can't really remember all of it so i'll try my best to fill in the blanksthe interviewers were Rachel and John and the questions were asked alternatively by both of them but first things first..below are pictures of what we did at S&R..

welcome speech and introduction on student recruitment

'lil cat we made from the group activity (=where disaster begins..

throughout the interview my mind was spinning as well as my words that came out of my mouththere were 3 things that spun in my head - A: what's the question again?, B: what the hell am i talking about?, C: shit! i should have say more!so just refer to what's A,B and C if it appears in the middle of the conversation

Q1. Why do you want to work in Student Union (SU)?
The main reason is because i was told that people here are racist so i wanted those people to know that there are nice people here. After i joined the S&R today I find that it's fun and people are nice and. . . .not as racist as people thought [B]. I wanted to mix with different people and to see myself that people in Newcastle are not that racist. I had working experience before but it was outside of the university and i would like to try university jobs because it's university related and i can contribute to the university [B]....so yea... [C].

Q2. What skills do you have to work in SU?
erm...i'm hardworking....and i'm have the ability to learn. I would like to learn something new like working as a bartender. [A]As a science student, i was taught to try to know things that are unknown and i had been into experiments, labs but i never try communicating with newly met people, to get to know different backgrounds of people [A]. So yea....that's it....[B + C]

Q3. Why do you want to work as a bar staff?
I had always wanted to work in the bar because it's really something new to me [sorry i can't remember what i answered...]

Q4. Have you experienced any customer services and/or how would you improve the customer services?
I had one experience about my tuition fees...erm.....school fees...and we were supposed to get 500pounds rebate when we got to pay at a certain period of time. But we did not received any notice about it and we missed the due date. So we had meeting with the....person in charge and this kind lady called Jane helped us to figure things out and we still have our 350pounds discount [A]... So to improve the customer service, i would like to help people in need...no matter what job, bar staff or whatever job i'm in..i just want to help these people so that they won't be....lost [B] and they get the help they need [B].

Q5. What would you do if you received a complaint?
Firstly i will ask me team members if the complaints are true and if it's about me alone or the whole team. If it's only me, then i will firstly seek advice....and change my bad characteristics.....[A] and provide better services to this customer. [B + C]

Q6. If appointed, how would you improve the Bar Staff?
hmm....how would i improve..??.....Firstly it would be friendliness...it's very important because if we are strangers i won't be introducing a lot about what we have in the bar and i won't be communicating well [B] but if we were friendly then we can communicate a lot and i can introduce what's in the bar....[B + C]...and....the knowledge of alcohols should be better [B]...like a JD coke will not be suitable for everyone...we should try...experience something new...the variety of drinks should...be...broaden.
what a crap i crapped and screwed..it's all COCK - AND - BULL - SHITS~~!

the chances of being appointed..? NONE..!!!!again...pray banyak banyak loh..


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost Concentration

i should be like this by now
apparently, i'm like this =.=..not tired..but DUMB and SLACKED

i had lost all my concentration of study to the Selection & Recruitment Day which will begin in 8 hours when will my brain's memory cells start to absorb something more important like FINALS ? =.=my nerves are not triggered yet, adrenaline are not pumping as it should be [it's pumping for other stuffs... @.@] and the word "stress" is not applicable at the moment SOS is totally unnecessary for now

hmmm....why the hell am i so relaxed? not afraid of finals? [YES I DO~!]confident enough? [walao..! confident to shit & die!]plan to cheat? [who's paper can i peep? =.=]

speechless...pray banyak banyak loh~~~ >.<


Thursday, May 14, 2009


crucially needs a new MEMORIZING technique..! anyway..i went to Wednesday Lunch today and though i was late, it was great (=thanks to Osbert for helping out
gotta continue my studies for FINALS~ @.@


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

ah...! Happy Mother's Day people..!! hmm...i don't really celebrate Mother's Day for the past few years actuallyi think i'll keep the stories for next Mother's Day..hehe cause for now, i want to blog about what i did on Mother's Day 2009it was really a coincidence that my friends and i went out for lunch after mass today cause Ubong invited me 2 weeks ago but i told him it's better that we go out this Sundayso we went to Luckies Bar and had lunch..don't worry, i'm not wasting money! it's cheap and besides...Ubong paid for us *shyy*

Luckies Bar..it's merrier at night (=

the bar and bartenders

Sunday Lunch: Roast Chicken with vegetables,potatoes and some kinda bread

this is Ubong (= . . . P.S. don't comment about my face or hands oh =o/
From Left: Ubong, G, Stanley and V

halfway during lunch my dad called and chatted for awhile so i talked to my "SUPA" MUM as well. . .

Snoopy: mummy..! happy mother's day~!!!!!!

Mum: ahhhh~~~ thank youuuuuuu~~~~!!!!!. . . . . .where is my present?

Snoopy: *ughh*

Mum: u know your gor gor bought me a watch err..! ALBA watch errr..*giggles*

Snoopy: eh. . . .

Mum: but the watch is tooooo small. i told your gor gor "next time if you want to buy me watch buy one as big as a CLOCK" . then gor gor said "why??" . i told him "mummy old already loh..u thought i'm still very young meh? my eyesight is not that good already"

Snoopy: oh...i buy u mp3 want or not? [not sure she knows what's mp3 or not]

Mum: mp3..??? don't want lar...you buy me a SCISSORS...

Snoopy: ?!??! scissors??!?!? what scissors???

Mum: neh...those for my sewing use one lah.. i saw one the other day imported from Japan..wahhh~ RM400++ oh~~!

Snoopy: ya meh?

Mum: ya lor...aiyah...this few days mummy so tired uh..have to deal with DBKK ah. . . [she mentioned some more names but i can't remember] going around here and there oh...have to beg people see who can help with your gor gor's case [different story] so tired loh...! this is the first time mummy gam san fu ah..! [tough]

Snoopy: . . . . .ya meh? [i doubt that was the 1st time =.=] u know hoh...actually i got buy things for you woh..those bai leng geh [decoration stuffs]

Mum: ah??!? don't buy any of those loh..!! you see the house oh...full of bai leng gah..! just buy me SCISSORS ah..or else those small small things for my sewing use one loh...you know mummy old di..eyesight not good..if you can buy those convenient things makes my sewing easier then ok lar..

Snoopy: oh....ok la ok la...i'll go look for it... =.=*

Mum: ok lah...heheheheehehee...u talk to daddy lah...take care ah...byeee~ *giggles again*

Snoopy: [like that meh?] hello daddy ah? . . . . . [conversation continues. . .]
that was my conversation with my mum on Mother's Day, requesting for a pair of scissors as a present


Saturday, May 09, 2009


i'm officially hooked up with. . . . . MUFFINS~!

i don't want to admit it at first but...

when i ran out of it...

i felt incomplete ]=

it's like i can't live without muffins..

*mean smile*


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Purplish Me

i always wanted to try purple on my hair i know it's hard to get the effect of that shinny, silky, breezy color but i really like it

looking at the model, i can say i am dying to have that hair color..!can you see it's not totally purple? it still maintains some black shade somewhere in and out

damn i feel so dreadful for not having it now..!!
i'm feeling it..! it's calling me~~~~! URGHH~!!

on the other hand, i can't imagine myself with that color though hahah!!awww.. what should i do?!!?i really have no idea whether to say YES or NO...



Four guys and a woman are stuck in an elevator.
While they are stuck, they strike up a conversation.

The first guy says, 'I'm a Y.U.P.P.I.E., you know...
''Young, Urban, Professional, Peaceful, Intelligent, Ecologist.''

The second guy says, 'I'm a D.I.N.K.Y, you know...
Double Income, No Kids Yet'

The third guy says, 'I'm a R.U.B., you know...
''Rich, Urban, Biker."

The fourth guy says, I am a D.I.L.D.O, you know...
"Double Income, Little Dog Owner.''

They turn to the woman and ask her. ''What are you?''
She replies: 'I'm a W.I.F.E, you know...

so what's ABCDEFG & GFEDCBA??!!?

which one do you prefer? (=


Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm Stalking YOU

yes yes yes~!!! when i saw you i almost went crazyyyy..! i had been thinking so much about you..no joke..! i'd been fantasizing about you all along..! why can't you just come to me?!! just when i was feeling lonely and dull..you came in at the right time, right place..PERFECTO

but thanks to Dorothy..i got the chance to meet you...FINALLY~~! you were HOT, DELICIOUS and ATTRACTIVE~!! who can ever resist you? i know i can't and i never ever will, babeh~

Dorothy bought me DIMSUM!! oh my world..! i haven't been eating dimsum for months..! yea yea that's pathetic..well you try to come over here and eat ang mo-stylo food every single day and you'll know the magical taste of dimsum

aiyah..maybe you think why don't i go out with my friends for dimsum hoh? well if i were to go out with them i won't be this desparate lah! of course there are some reasons
awww..it's really yummy

=.= my dinner before the dimsum arrived at my face

the combination..aarrrgggggghhhhhhhh~!!