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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Changing The Change

i was trying out new hairstyles with this website with lots of hairstyles, make ups.basically it's like a make over...haha!

uhuk uhuk! do i look like a granny? o_O


GaGa perhaps??

too many too much!! >.< can't take it anymore!! gotta go!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fridge Case

 Picture Of Da Day

. . . . . . . . .

 fridge being naughty or just new way of storing food? o_O

 P/S. i DID NOT do that..it happened randomly but the two potatoes added by my housemate and i snapped!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exclusive Snoopy

my patience has paid off! finally i got my SNOOPY PHONE! oh me gutt..! after all the torture of PayPal problems, items not paid etc etc...here it is with me! *tears dropping*

anyway...it's really worth my money...it's a limited edition from Snoopy for it's 60th anniversary and they came out with this cell phone...not as high tech as those Satio, Aino or whatsoever but i don't give a damn!

i don't have friends in Japan so it's so heartbreaking when i saw Japan companies launching snoopy ipods, new hand phones that i can't get it from Malaysia or even UK...but i'll definitely go to Japan at least once i f*cking swear!

i love SNOOPY as much as i love myself! hmph

snoopy fans....enjoy the pics!

 comes with this really nice bag (front view)
 back view of the bag *hearts*
after the bag is the outer box
then the inner box =.= so many layers
 TA DAAAAAAAAA~~!!!!!!!!!!!!  *screaming*

it has 5 changeable back covers and it differs from the old to new snoopy version *more screamingssss*
deng! cute 'lil you
it's a touch screen phone
 provided a pouch..exclusive as well (= (back view)
 front view
the whole set with the phone
custom made charger, headphones and USB cable

closer look..it has an extra battery too!
just look how AWESOME it is!!!

i'm really really really really really really really really really really satisfied with this cause i don't expect it to be a contemporary gadget so i'm so in love with this thing (=♥

i got this from ebay but they have their own website called A Cute Shop.. click this A Cute Shop

if you love snoopy like i do...go get them! as i said it's limited edition!


Supervisor? Underling? Or Not At All?

being a supervisor: hard

being an underling under supervision of the supervisor above: even harder

i'm not sure about the statistics but between these two, i bet underlings has higher rate in suicidal, no?

a supervisor tells, advices, commands, insists, explains, rationalizes, controls and says YES or NO

on the other hand, the underling accepts, obey, argue? better not, confuses, out of control and can only say YES, no options

being higher than others is great, but i knew that somehow, no matter how high you are, the position you're standing on..will perish someday OR there are more outstanding/higher plus highest position on top

by giving a non-option option is definitely not an option. . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . WTF =.=

my point is, people make others life a 'lil tough based on the position they have and because you have to look up higher at them even you knew deep inside your ass there's something that speaks out very loud as loud as the speakers when you're at their freaking (#&$^@)$*?!#U$ assy face, telling you you're fooking wrong in their sense

all you can do is talking to yourself like a freak and stressing up your brain which has no point at all


Friday, January 22, 2010

Coach X Resolution

 Picture of Da Day

Coach joke

since i'm down with flu and sore throat [stupid best friends ~.~], i'm home whole week except for tuesday when my condition was not this bad..yet

*sniff sniff*

munching on a piece of pizza...

*cough cough*

boy...i really don't intend to get better huh? yes i do! >.< it's just that i'm sick and i can't cook for myself excuse nia

anyway...it'a already 22 days of 2010 and i got to have RESOLUTIONS!! since everyone have them! wokay think think..

think think.......

*sniff sniff*

think think..........................

okay...how about reading the whole bible in a year?
- yea right, it had been my resolution of the decade =.=

fine.. read more books...? like one book each month?
- ehem heeem...tik tok tik tok..it's 22th now and i haven't touch any book COVER yet...

hmph! next....to graduate with an 1st Hon Degree??? *sounds interesting*
- shit..this one sure FAIL gao gao lah! 2nd degree also don't know can get or not..mimpi jauh jauh lagi =.= DERETE this resolution from life!

damn it!! i really don't have any! i'm not some kinda supermodel, famous celebs or even a smart scholarship student holder! what on earth would my resolution be? eat more and eat even more? *WTF* - cannot maintain own weight nuh

surely i can't have any resolutions/pledges for the year...it's okay if i have it like, temporarily? i'm not sure since when did i have one exactly =.= but i can't set any at the moment..just let it flow~~ *cough cough* pardon me

at the meantime...i'm enjoying every second of my life!.....not this immune system down period but the whole year! can be my resolution eh?

ENJOY LIFE 2010 !!!

good job!! that's what i'll do for now *wide smile* i want to treasure every moment of my life properly, live if as if i'll be bombed tomorrow and do stunts that i wont regret..uh uh..i definitely want this 365 days to be better than before with outrageous experience! at the end of the year, i'll have a great laugh as i recap from today!

God can't change the past! (=



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Edit and Edit

just trying on my editing skills...! it's freaking hard! >.<



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i was browsing Facebook and found this

 oh mai gutt! what have you done to yourself?! =.=

he was my Chemistry lecturer in INTI Nilai first year..with PhDOoi ah Ooi...Chemistry nang, Art dang ah...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Babeh

this post is decicated to my very-very-long-time friend..Angeline Chok Chok "Choke" a.k.a Baby ..hehe~
 the Big Babeh
anyway...i met her when we were in Form 5 [she was one year older than me though] in church holynyerr joining worship team together and then we clickedi must say life is much less complicated and more fun, laughter...you know, all the good stuffs but that was THE OLD DAYS

then when she went on to KL to further her studies, i pursued my Form 6 in Tawau with thoughts of going to KL and work right after my exams and i did...i contacted her before i went over for a place to stay and life in KL began with the other 2 new friend of hers

everything was so nice, just perfect for a naive young lady to went over, work, make friends and enjoy life to the max, typicalthe truth is..few things got pretty messed up and in the end, friendship was broken, life was miserable..things were so different for those who involved but we tried our best to keep the innocent part alive in order to preserve what we built up previously

we were, are and will be the best friends forever despite whatever happened, whatever WILL happen to us cause we have a strong bond which holds us tighter when tsunami disaster came/is coming

i remember our best day was when we went out to surf online [back then we used to go out online] and she was driving cause i haven't got my license yet we reached town and *POOOOOOOFF* mati karan! the whole town was as dark as coal..!

so what are we going to do?!?! we asked and no answer..so we decided we drove around and wait til the electricity to be back on

driving driving......

drove to highway....


*BOOOOOOOOOOOM*....now what?!?!

we hit a motorist! >.<  the motorist was banged and he went down to the drain o_O we talked and talked and talked and there came a couple [back to THE DAYS there were lot of good people] but only the boyfriend did the talking with the motorist and we were spared [thanks to the couple!] from anything cause it's not our fault he ignored out signal light so that was our THE NIGHT TO REMEMBER

 Big Babeh and I

HaPpIe BiRtHdAy To yOu AngELinE ChOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Expensive Accident

i was browsing for a gift from ebay but then was drifted away by the various offers, deals especially electronics - camera, hand phones etc etc..

click here click there....


.........still clicking....

oh mai gutt..! i think i bought a Sony Ericsson Satio for myself! >.<

2 days later..

how am i going to explain myself to my dad o_O
 happy? nervous? miserable?
 ♥*i'm dreaming i'm dreaming i'm dreaming i'm dreaming.....*  ahhhh! still here!

ebay ruined my life temporarily  yeay! it was my first item bought from ebay..


Saturday, January 16, 2010

1st Stunt

stunt of the month and 1st in 2010 *yeay =.=*

always wanted to try on false nails and today...finally #*$^%@*%# done with V's assistance

REVLON Runway Collection at £9.99

while we were in the process. . . . .

in the process. . . .

in the process. . . .  
what exactly were we doing?! -.^
well...apparently our fingers GLUED together and we can't get them separated due to MASSIVE PANICKING

no kidding...happens one in a million,man!
tried nail remover.not working.more panicking
we read it in the instruction which said "soak in water for 15 minutes"

5 minutes. . . .

10 minutes. . . . .

fooook! 15 minutes later our fingers were still stuck >.<

more and more nail remover...

nail remover. . . . . 




fingers...oh don't die!  

poor thing )=

LESSON LEARNT: leave it to the professionals =.=