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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Catching Up


Mid June and fasting month for the Muslims started. Something that I would like to get out of my chest - I'm feeling better. Seriously, better. I'm physically recharged and mentally relaxed. Feel like I'm becoming more of myself now.

When I was in a mess, I knew about it yet I chose to ignore it. Oh well.. I'm glad that everything is turning out good. For real this time. So, time to have some fun like I used to. (:

And oh oh! Have you guys seen my new hair colour?! Heh! It's fading do ombr├ę brown but I still love it. Giving it a rest now as I noticed lots of my bleached hair breaks pretty easy. So, what's the next colour? *yeay* :D

Be back soon!

If you're looking for love
Know that love don't live here anymore
He left with my heart
They both walked through that door without me
If you're trying to find pity well, you need to look somewhere else
'Cause I surely can't help you
I'm hurting myself
I've turned into someone else

I used to believe love conquered all
'Cause that's what I've seen in movies
Come to find out it's not like that at all
You see real life's much different

-Someone Else by Miley Cyrus