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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dad Inspired Story #1


When I was younger, my dad tells me stories of his childhood a lot. He always 'incorporate' it in his 'teaching lessons'. LOL.. That's what I often secretly tell myself - life coaching.

What kind of person you want to be,

Why must you be kind to people,


Basically he lectures me and my older brother, in a kind and good way. Mostly because every year, he sees who are we becoming and looking at the direction we are heading to, he couldn't just let us be. He would sit both of us down (probably twice a year) and tells us his stories - people he met at work, humanity, obstacles that he had been through as he grew wiser.

I never complained whenever he starts his lessons.

Maybe except that I thought it was too long but since it happens only that once/twice a year...yeah why not.

But now that I'm much older, I love his stories even more, and even if he repeats it over and over. I try pretty hard to remember as much as I could, so that I won't forget all his memorable stories. You see, he came from a very unprivileged family. My great grandparents of course tried their very best to provide their necessities and hoping that they will grow up to be a great man. I guess my dad made them proud :).

It hit me when I myself started to forget things every now and then. I always joke about having early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. But truth is, my memories from primary school, the day I joined gymnastics, my first awards, my first dance (yeah I did dance), my first ponytail.... All these I can't recall. Not without trying very hard.

Not to mention I hated taking photos, especially in high school. I never understood why my high school girls won't stop taking photos but apparently in 2014, #selfie is proclaimed to be a syndrome.. Hahaha! Wtm.. But yeah, I start to keep all my memories via Instagram, blog, fb or any other social media. Losing these sweet reminiscence would be the worst thing that would happen to my life.

I don't want them to fade away.

I need to recall all my tiny funny things that happened,

All the ridiculous conversations I had with my bff,

All the crazy gossip about my high school teacher,

All those netball moments I had in school,

Journeys of me growing up,

"I want them to be in my mind forever.
'Cause it's now or never."


Saturday, April 26, 2014

COSANS Coffee, SS15 Subang Jaya


I'm not sure why each time I'm so excited and eager to have a sip at the cafe, something just happen. I read reviews and comments and tips online about how pretty the coffee arts are, how nice the service they get etc. But when it's my turn, everything seems so different.

I heard a lot about COSANS, probably because the malaysian bloggers made a video about it. This was my second time there after a very nice experience with them the first time. And I decided "Hmm.. maybe I should request for a specific art"

Bad idea. Real bad.

"Can I have a Mint Hot Chocoalate please?"

"You want hot or cold?"

". . . . . . . *looked at the board* . . . . . *looked at her*. . . . . hot...."


"Ou can I request for  snoopy art?

"Oh ya ya"

I was sooo happy waiting for my first every snoopy art when came is what pictured above. I looked and looked and stared over and over. Finally I can't figure it out I asked my friend "Which part of this art looks like snoopy?!"

She laughed.

Pretty hard.

Mr.A even comforted me that it's an S for Snoopy. *face palm*

Can anyone understand how this feels? Maybe it's just me. ALL. THE. TIME.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saying NO to April


I. just. can't. wait. April. to. end.

Exciting happenings will only start from May onwards. Why is this April passes slightly slower than the previous months? o_O The worst thing is it's related to WORK.

Mum's coming over this weekend. So I guess I'll be entertaining her until she flies to Korea. :)

*looking at calender*

Two more weeks to happiness + freedom!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nail Tell #4 - Gold Striper Tape


I haven't been spending time on my nail art practice but this week everything resume as normal! This was last week's nail art. Something really simply by using only few shades of orange nail polishes and gold colour striper tape.

First time using the tape and it was pretty handy compared to drawing those lines on the nails as they are definitely more accurate and straight..

And pretty to look at too. 


I feel that orange it not an easy colour on my hands. Maybe I'm not suitable for orange. But I love the colour!! Wtm.. Another thing about the striper tape is I applied two coats of top coat just in case the tape peels off easily. I read it online (and watch YouTube) that it comes off pretty easy. Lasts only for few days.

So yea... Be back soon! Can't wait April to end! X(


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Current Love


Currently my favourite cupcake store. Well, not THE best but definitely much better than those made by Wondermilk or Bisou or whatever stylish store brands. I have yet to finish all their flavours cause I just discovered this store two weeks ago.

So, give me some time to try out ALLLLLLL their cupcakes and I will pick ZE BEST one ever! Wtm... Hahahaa! But if any of you know any other store that has great cupcakes please let me know! I love cupcakes!

And muffins!

Especially chocolate flavour!


How to diet?


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Untitled #5

Too much of these little ones. Brain freeze.


Saturday, April 05, 2014

Nail Tell #3 - Cath Kidston Inspired Flowers.


Nail post this time. This was a request from a close friend of mine. She wanted a Cath Kidston inspired nails so I did a little research online and decided to try this one.

As you can tell, the attention seeker for this nail art is the flowers/roses (whichever you want it to be called). And the most important tool is a rounded and a really fine dotting tool. The leaves and polka dots can be easily done with a fine brush.

The trick is to blend the colour of the flower with a hint of white (in a swirl) while the first colour is still wet. I know a lot of YouTube videos shows this pattern by using a brush but I personally think this method is more controllable and I have better confidence using this method.

Hope you guys like this!


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Anniversary Date


Last thursday was our first anniversary. Such a dramatic year, I must say (hahaha!). Maybe it's because my previous relationships were always long distance ones so I didn't really have any sort of serious arguments or disagreements. This is probably my first (and lasted for a year so far) XD. 

We were both working. I'm busy, he's busier.. So we try to find time to meet up as much as possible and thank God we had time for our anni last week. Nothing special actually. Got him a new spectacles and he was very excited about it. LOL.. 

I always wrap his presents just to give him a suspense. YouTube was really really helpful with the videos on making boxes form papers, origami boxes etc. I love wrapping presents! We dine at one of our regular places and chilled until it was closed. Great night :)

But yeah.. Happy night and wishing another 365 days with lots of luck!