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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Girls Always Go For The Bad Guys


I wanted to share my thoughts this time instead of updating my personal life. When I learn what relationship is all about years ago, I came across this saying all the time - Girls always fall for the bad boys. And true enough I did, myself. Maybe it was unintentional that I fell for a bad boy, or maybe, just maybe, I would like to know what it feels like to date a bad boy.

And after so long, this saying is still here. I'm not sure why but it still exist. Probably due to those guys who couldn't get a decent girl or from girls who are caught in this mindset. But I would like to have a say in this.


First of all, I would like to say although girls 'always' fall for the bad guys, they might not end up well together due to lots of factors of course. From my experience observation, girls like or are attracted to funny guys regardless they put effort in saying funny things or it just happen. It adds the charm to a guy who has interest in a particular girl and to go for it without going overboard. Good guys tend to overdo it when they don't realize girls prefer it to happen naturally. And somehow the bad ones tend to be pro in this matter.

The other thing is, girls like to have the mentality that they would be THE ONE who would change their bad boys into a not-so-bad boy. Hmm... let me rephrase that - girls would like to think that they are capable of molding the bad side of their man into a good one. Changing a boy/man or any person in the world to your expectations is almost impossible BUT if he really really cares *which the bad guys normally do* and here, I'm talking about going into a happy ending relationship, he would willingly change his bad attitude, habits, character to be a better person for himself as well as for the girl. 

Sometimes, it is surprising to see how much a girl can influence a bad guy to be molded into a completely different man. Unconsciously. I could say that most of the bad guys are willing to drop their face/ego/manly hood for that one girl without realizing it themselves. And again, I'm not saying that this applies to ALL OF THE BAD GUYS OR NEITHER I'M SAYING ALL THE GOOD GUYS ARE HELPLESS. I'm saying that for bad guys, sometimes, all they have in their whole life is that one girl. The one special girl that somehow 'spell' them to be loyal to, to do whatever it takes to protect and make her happy. It's like Superman and his kryptonite. For them, the world would end without her and/or she might be the very last person he would laid eyes on. 


On the other hand, good guys tend to argue *with all their mighty smart-ass arguments and reasons* and it usually doesn't end well - as far as I checked. Good guys are very solid on their statements. The scenario would be like two cobra king snakes trying to fight for an ostrich egg. For girls, it all comes down to " Are you willing to step out from your comfort zone and make a difference? ".

By saying or thinking he is " I'm the good guy " is a very outstanding way to say that that 'good guy' is overconfident and braggy. And girls definitely won't be impressed by that. So IF AND ONLY IF you think you're a GOOD GUY here or for your entire life, well think again. 

Besides, good guys tend to expect their girls to be the same - to be PRIM AND PROPER. Girls, if you're one of these gangs then congratulations, you will find your prince in that pile of people. But for girls like me, I wouldn't impress a good guy by being NOT ME o_O . I should say, I would want my man to accept the way I am and just the way I am. Good guys will want more from their girls.

I don't want more, I just need a polite girl, a girl who doesn't smoke, doesn't swear, doesn't fart in public, puts on make up and wear nice clothes, cleans, cooks, pretty face, nyeh nyeh nyeh. 

Get a Miranda Kerr then!!


So readers, the next time you hear some single bachelor uttering that "Girls always fall for bad guys" phrase, stop him and ask "Are you saying you're a good guy?" If you found a decent answer, DATE  THAT MR.NICE GUY! ;)

the happy-public-farter writer.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cut The Craps To Christmas

LOL!! I was already far behind from my schedule for my 25 days to Christmas! So...... I'll just sum up the week and beat it! XD This time, I put in a little more effort by stamping each photo with a number so you'll know which one I'm trying to explain. Heh 

I took some time to examine and look at my hair for few minutes that day and I realized the color faded again :( . It was Antique Rose when I dyed it earlier this month. So now, it turned to this.  Not loving it yet cause it wasn't MY kind of color. Oh well.....


  1. I went to this play called Ghosting from CHC and then had dinner with Ms J. It was an awesome night :) Good play, good food, good friend. I seriously prefer Bubba Gump in Sunway Pyramid. I tried the one at The Curve and hmm....
  2. Ah! I had dinner with my housemates! All 4/5 of us in Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall. Another lady was celebrating her bf's birthday so.. forgiven. XD Miss Mel suggested us to try this Salmon Mentai Sushi. It was so nice I forgot the name. So the next day we whatsapp-ed and her auto correct typo said SALMON MENTAL SUSHI. LOLOL!! I laughed my ass off! XD
  3. Received vouchers from my company for last month's annual dinner. For those who didn't win anything fro the lucky draw *aww..sad mood* will be given a RM50 AEON voucher. *back to happy mood*
  4. The managers from my team was nice enough to organize a Christmas breakfast plus gift exchange! Well... we were told to get a present with the budget of RM25 but some of them just suck at numbers. =___=
  6. I stumbled upon kevjumba's instagram and I fell in love with him every time I look at that picture! And a friend was kind enough to express my feelings on my behalf to him in one of his pics. *forehead palm*
  7. Last but not least! Happened last night at Miss Js'. Gift exchange, steamboat marathon, mahjong fever and also one of the best gathering of the year! *fly kiss* MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE! Don't be so sad sitting at home and blog like me!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On The Eleventh Day To Christmas


I was already back in KL on 10.12.12 and the very next day I picked up with my mum and aunts from KL to Midvalley. I would have come back on the 11th if I knew about the Selangot holiday earlier. Darn.

We went to UNIQLO.. Somehow my mum loves that store for I-DON'T-KNOW-WHY but as long as I tag along, why not? Heh..! Nice and huge Christmas decos around the Center Court. I always have the impression that Midvalley will put up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING HUGE for their celebration decos. Hmm..

Then.. The most epic story of the MONTH - My fuel was running low (while enjoying my bubble milk tea) when I drove out from my house early that morning and by mid noon, it was already blinking due to the jams and going round and round during the car park hunting. So I called my dad to clarify the mileage left before my car runs COMPLETELY OUT of fuel. He kinda forgot if it's 15/50 km but he was more paranoid then me after i told him "BUT I'M STUCK IN A JAM NOW". LOL!

10mins later i fueled up and decided to prank him..

"Daddy! Car broke down!"

LOLOLOL! Darn funny!!! Basically that's it for day 11th. Hehe. Oh! And I finally got the attention from people to notice my car. The trick is..... Keep the shits all around the car. People will definitely look in AWE.


Monday, December 10, 2012

On The Tenth Day To Christmas

Busy packing and meeting up OLD friends and forgot about snapping. Darn.


Sunday, December 09, 2012

On The Ninth Day To Christmas


Ninth day is a Sunday so my dad and I went to church.. Of course with the brat too. But who knows, she was running around the area while EATING. Heh... the resemblance in the family - NON STOP EATING. LOL! Her mouth just won't stop munching! Well it explains the chubby fats on her face. And we have almost the same tongue size! *high five*


Saturday, December 08, 2012

On The Eight Day To Christmas


Eight day is about baby issue! My youngest cousin is 2 years old. Undeniably adorable NOISY BOSSY and BUSYBODY. Hmph. She sleeps with my family almost every night when I was back in my hometown and she wakes up early morning after my dad. I on the other hand, sleeps late at night and eventually had to wake up to her due to her laughter and disturbance every morning +____+ 

Waking up feeling like pinching her chubby face. She's most active in the morning and I just couldn't, how could I resist her seduction? LOL! She played with my mum's glasses without permission, messed with my make up products, and oh! I can't wait to show her the fatty picture in 10 years time! HAHAHA! Other than that...? She's like a boss in my house, getting all she wants with just a scream. See, she's so POWDERFUL.


Friday, December 07, 2012

On The Seventh Day To Christmas

Holla! Seventh day is here! It's all about the WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING!! Heh! Being a bridesmaid is not easy but being the bride is much stress-er. So I'll cut the complaints. :D

There was a slight rain early in the morning..as a good start. Because after the rain, the weather was boiling hawt! We started of with morning preps from the bride's make up to the bridesmaid's accessories to flowers to groom's arrival and 'lil games here and there. Wedding dinner was just as great with the improved standard in their time management and food quality. Bravo.

*BREATHE OUT LOUD* Enough said.


Thursday, December 06, 2012

On The Sixth Day To Christmas

Holla! Sixth day is a great day! It's my *extreme drum rolls* Superman Dad's birthday!!! I secretly bought the ticket back to Sabah on this day to surprise my dad. But too bad because of the packed timing I didn't get to record it for memories. Anyways, I dyed my hair with Liese's Antique Rose color. I kinda like it - the dark reddish color. Though I know red/purple hair fades much faster.

My flight was at 3:35pm.. And I took a snap at the view outside around 6pm, almost sunset..almost. It felt just so relaxed to look at the view while on the plane for 2 hours and 45 mins. Urgh. 

So...... after this and that, my dad's surprised facial expression was DAMN FREAKING PRICELESS. We had dinner and then cake at home. Then I continued my night to friend's house for her wedding prep. *yawns*



Wednesday, December 05, 2012

On The Fifth Day To Christmas






Tuesday, December 04, 2012

On The Fourth Day To Christmas


HOLY MOLY! Busy busy busy day! >.<  I went all the way to the airport to welcome my beloved grandma and aunt. After breakfast, we headed to the China Embassy in KL. Good thing the traffic is still acceptable to drive around. I couldn't re-tell the story that grandma and aunt told me throughout the day but it really made my day despite the jam which started from midday til evening.

We then went to One Utama. Aunt wanted to get some Sticky candies. Grandma was initially looking at them. I asked her to try some by the counter but she refused. 10mins later she got few bottles herself. Funny not? XD

I wish for more hours a day!


Monday, December 03, 2012

On The Third Day To Christmas


3rd day to Christmas! The least busy day for that week. Accompanied roomie to a Chinese physiotherapy. While waiting, I realized one of the doctor was Vivien Tan (roomie is Vivian Tan) LOL. What a coincidence. Then we had a treat at Secret Recipe. It was our first try on their Hazel Cheese and it was *two thumbs up* A-W-E-S-O-O-O-O-M-E. Finally a good cake from Secret Recipe! Will definitely crave for that soon! >.<

Next, I went to the bank and settle some personal matter. Surprisingly the wait was less than 2mins. Hah! And I was gone from the bank in 5mins. Double awesome.

Night excitement.. I was on my way to dinner while scheming a friend for his girlfriend who came back from Australia a day earlier than expected. I asked him out as a usual dinner date while his girlfriend surprised him by arriving at the restaurant. I started texting my friend since 7:30pm, happily chewing my edamame, he complaining he was hungry and I was late. LOLOL! Such a surprise. Triple awesome.


Sunday, December 02, 2012

On the Second Day To Christmas


Sunday should be a relaxing day for everyone but hmm.. Sometimes I disagree. I was kinda working at home yesterday and managed to snap some pictures for this post. Heh. After getting up early in the morning, with my morning jog plan crushed by my chocolaty milk and yummy biscuits, I Googled upon some pretty interesting blogs. What a refreshing piece to read. You see, I'm a little bored with lots of bloggers that blog the same-topic-and-similar-pictures-event posts.

Then, monkey business happened right at the trees in front of my house. Scary to see them running around. Can I call them the FUTURISTIC THIEVES? I mean they won't get caught anyways for intruding or messing with your trees or STEALING FOOD *darn that*. I think I should have one as pet. LOL.. But back to those three monkeys, they are always loitering around like TAI KOH with their relatively S, M and L size, and I think stealing people's food is their way of collecting protection money. XD

Then I needed a break. From work to blog reading to Youtube videos! I'm in love with waterfall braids if you noticed yesterday's post, so I had my attempt but then this happened:-

*1 min later - Am getting it...

*3 mins later - What the hell am i doing

*5 mins later - ARMS TIRED.

I wish I had lighter arms. Time to cut off those snacks but I'm still hugging them.Hmm, I think I should get my arms chopped..... KIDDING!. Move on to my kitchen *sigh* I saw ONE mosquito's larvae at the bottom of the draining box. What I did was I spread some washing powder on it and let it set for at least 30mins. I realized they CAN hold their breath for that long. What an awesome insect. But I hate them still.

Last but not least, I had a MONSTROUS meal WHOLE DAY. That last two pictures at the bottom was only two out of. . . . . .


Saturday, December 01, 2012

On The First Day To Christmas

I figured out a way to MAKE ME blog. Meeeh... So this is it, I'll be posting everyday until Christmas day *fingers crossed*. On the first day to Christmas, I had my car washed first then serviced (silly I know, I know). I always spend my time looking at the car wash from the opposite kopitiam. Heh..convenient much. While I was checking Instagram, I found the gorgeous hair braid IN RED from hairpost. Really love water fall braids - elegant and simple.

Lunch of course at Delicious, Setia City Mall. My first time being in that mall.. Quite a few different shops I spotted. The mall was only three storey high but HUGE. Spacious and HUGE, or at least it made me feel tiny inside. HA HA. So there was a sneaky baby next to my table, peeping at us all time. Felt so flattered.. It doesn't always happen, especially from adults. LOL. 

And I got some flats from a new store in town (i think so). The orange neon flats were so pretty yet not too outstanding. Perfect for my friend's wedding next week. Heh. And that is it for day 1.