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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

While You're Gone

It was just few months ago where we spent happy moments ago. Who knew, this would happen besides you? You hid it well, I must say. 

I've always admire you as a very independent woman. I remember when you were still working in your office, I loved visiting you at work even it's just for awhile. It seems like you were a Wonder Woman. And I knew you loved doing things on you own. Hah, I guess the genes run in the family.

I've loved how you brought yourself as a very caring person. You cooked for us, constantly asking what were we up to, our life, sending food for neighbors, giving out your precious plants. Such an amazing person, you are.

You've always had your swag. One thing that I'd always looked forward to seeing you, is the style you carry each time we met. Your bright orange flowery top, matches your red khaki pants. AS bright as you are. Not to forget about your hairstyle. You were either red, brown or orange headed. And I, were the pink, purple or blue. 

I love the way you cleaned your home, the time you invested decorating your garden, the time you spent cooking for the family. It might not seem to be a significant thing for the eyes of others, but it was for me. I've learnt a lot just from looking at how well you done your part in my life.

I've never shed any tears for you for as far as I am aware of, because whenever we got together, it was all fun and laughter. All jokes and silly little things. Your presence was always loud and entertaining. It felt good to see you smile even when you're tired.

I guess that is why you left a huge footprint in my life. I loved everything about you.

I will never find out the what ifs we talked before you left, imagining all the words that I would say to you. 

Regardless how I know that you are in His hands,
Regardless how I know time will heal,
Regardless how I know you are not in pain,
I still can't get over you not being with me from now on.

Thank you for everything that you've done and contributed to us. To me.

'Til I see you again, swag aunt.

I miss you.

'Cause I don't really know how to tell ya
Without feeling much worse
I know you're in a better place
But it's always gonna hurt.
- See You Again by Charlie puth ft Wiz Khalifa