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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paris - The Romantic Land

this is my Paris trip post with my mum... *peace signed fingers*

She and I, Just Us Two *giggles* i had 3 days in Paris which i will be posting only 2 posts about it rather than Day 1,2,3...i'll post one for this (all about Paris and around) the other will be just Disneyland Paris cause the pictures are too much!

we arrived Paris around 5:30pm (an hour delayed) and i couldn't find my pre-booked shuttle!!! it cost me 35euros nuh!!!! angry and frust to the max we took a taxi to our hotel..

booked a hotel from here Hotel Premiere Classe in my opinion is okay for a budget hotel it has no shops around cause it's located at a exhibition and convention area so it's kinda peaceful if that's what you need for a good rest but beware that if your hotel is facing the front side then you'll hear buses, people chatting from outside other than that, i'm satisfied with my room

the next day, we took train to Paris (which means the City Center) ad the 1st stop was NOTRE DAME, PARIS 

 lost at first but eventually found the way..thanks to the signboards!! :D
front view!!
*stunned face*
i love this, much!
medium sized miniatures of Notre Dame

Paris burung pipit is not afraid of humans!! amazing!! in my hometown, from 100meters away they all flew away liao loh! >"< my dad used to glue them in order to catch one

finished with Notre Dame, we walked along north to the next destination....

ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a necessity when you're in this super hot city!!
second stop~~ guess where's it!
YEAYYY!!!!! it's MUSEE DE LOUVRE very huge and nice place!!!!

mum asked, why do people come here to see all these buildings? i said "it's historical and unique ma.."

the she continued...CAN BUILD ONE MA (she meant can build anywhere)

i...i.....i................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO BUILD THESE BUILDINGS!?!? the materials, man work, time, cravings, space~ can't be repeated again!!! somebadeh kill me now~!!!!
"WE GO THERE" mum said and pointed...  zZzZz...
a great place to practice yo~~~ga~~~~~ *breathe in and fart*

see that thing there? it's the glass cleaner...working up and down so hardworking!
inside peek of the museum...

SO MUCH TO SEE...SO LITTLE TIME TO QUEUE!!! i got no time for that..the queue was like......1km long?!!?? i ain't got 24 hours for that queue!!

this is only for under 18...kiddin'!!
even yao ming can't fit in =.=
next stop, present you OPERA NATIONAL DE PARIS !! loads of people gathered...!
 ...for this!!
street view from the Opera main gate
then we walked along Avenue des Champs-Élysées ( AVENUE DES CHAMPS-ELYSEES) where there's lots of shops and restaurants you can go dizzy picking one!
i'm guessing this is a parade for some military or something like that
 the last station... ARC DE TRIOMPHE 
i'm in the middle of the road...risking my life for this take..!
nah.......there's traffic lights where i'm standing! heh!
putt putt!
back to hotel!
but to all Hello Kitty fans...i got this lipstick!! my first lipstick in fact! and it's not from MAC..it's from a brand Sanrio! i'm not a HK fan but i was just really attracted to this lipstick..and why not get one for myself especially during trips, my lips looks darn pale!?! and i got this 08-05 Pondicherry color

cute? no? i love the color too~!!

*Day 3!*

skipped day two cause it'll be in the next post but Eiffel Tower (which was on Day 2) will be in here sorry if i confused ya! (: day 3 was checking out from hotel and continued our trip to Belgium by train...

Gare du Nord station
mum was craving for Chinese food =.=
this is what we got..
Spicy Fish,
Fried Rice,
Mixed Veg
hehe!! Eiffel Tower caramellos!!
i know this is lame.............. i ate a shoe!
this toilet flush is at the bottom..so you just use your feet to kick on it! clean hands!
bye Paris!
snoopy below Eiffel Tower!!
flooded with human beings!!!!

okay...as usual, after pictures will be comments...for me, i dislike Paris the thing about going to trips by tour is that you see only all the GOOD stuffs, meet good people, and get better customer services...so that's why people would say Paris is fun! this is where i dislike..travelling without tour let you explore more by yourself and you see both sides of the place as in the GOOD as well as the BAD side

the reason is, without tour, locals look at you with a kind of 'look' but it won't happen on tourists (with tour guides) as they need to be impressed by locals in order to get good comments for people who travel like me, locals don't give a damn and in Paris, not very much good people, i'm sure of that

and i can assure you that my comments are REAL as in i comment based on what i saw and experienced as a real foreigner in Paris

an example, i went to Promod and was paying for my mum, the cashier asked if i have 5cents...so i searched my purse and said "No, i have only in pounds" in a soft voice.. she gave me that ROLL EYE PLUS "URGH" look, took a 5cents and said "This is 5cents" but then i said again "I'VE GOT ONLY IN POUNDS" with my "normal" voice

most people when asked questions won't smile...AT ALL and it's so unkind of them especially when it involves public relations with different people

yes i do love the places i went cause those places doesn't give me the "LOOK" instead, they kept me impressed from one place to the other and i love it max!

the pronunciation!! gosh that is MENTALLY CHALLENGING!!! read this --> Châtelet Les Halles


it's SHUT-LAY-LEE-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so when i foreigners tell people they want to go to places, they need to show the map!! no talking!! just mapping!! or else both parties will be blurred by these pronunciations..!!! >"<

besides, to me, Paris is just another huge city just like States i'm not quite sure about the streets in States but in Paris, fuhhh....the streets are dirty, messy and the walls....god i dropped my jaws...every walls of Paris was sprayed! lots and lots and lots of them!! straight from one end to another!! even the trains, houses, buildings!! SPRAYED!!!!♥ Paris is more like for people who loves fashion, who wants to get involve in labels and huge people, get what i mean? for rich people who loves the spotlights on high-classed place, to be noticed like celebrities not so much for me to miss this city though..

this city is too much for me to bear...all the highlights, the fame, you can smell the fashion streets, the screaming of D&Gs, LVs and Prada...it's all about the extravaganza..!

so the next time you travel to Paris and see those "I LOVE PARIS" t-shirts...think twice before buying it cause i didn't get one for myself!

lastly, thank you for your time to read this!! love you guys lots!