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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bye June 2010

final one for June!

no stories...just pictures! cause i'm tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin' lazy!!!!

flowers around Civic Center Newcastle Upon Tyne
from China Town Express
waiting for this moo"ee
from China Town Express (Hokkien Fried Rice). . . one of the staff said "f*ucking fried rice" (Fook Kin Chao Fan in Cantonese)  =.=*
we'll meet again soon, parents :)
michelle x michelle
from Cheeky Duck China Town


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Try The Combo

heh! it's end of June already...so quick!! so i'm going to finish of this month's blog with two more posts

i heard there's Nasi Lemak available in Little Asia China Town so i tried it out..

sambal @.@

*buuuuurp* this nasi lemak is not what i expected *cries* the chicken is not completely cooked and the sambal is. . . . . . . . .hmm. . . . . . . . *shakes head*

I MISS MALAYSIA'S NASI LEMAK~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >.< i remember last year my friends and i made nasi lemak  "NASI LEMAK DAY" at home...that one is much better lor. . . .

yea...old fart

after lunch, i went to Newcastle FunFair NEWCASTLE FUNFAIR with V and my new housemate, Landa! hahahahah!!!

Landa is my new housemate =.=
anyone wants to give this a bite?

 this is the only ride we tried and it was AWsomeful!! it swing from left to right until slightly >90degress plus it spins round and round @.@ came down felt like puking
i shall ask gypsy to play Spelling Bee with me. . . can you spell Prime Minister? hahahahahah!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sagawa Japanese Restaurant, Newcastle Upon Tyne


this post is for Nicki's farewell~  *sob sob* we went to Sagawa, a Japanese restaurant situated in china town and as usual, it's my first time  =.= lots of first time loh my posts >.<

Nicki said this place was used to be FULLED with customers. . . but then don't know what happened, the business turned sour all of the sudden

i ordered L4 which is BBQ Salmon with Teriyaki Set with Green Tea Ice Cream *sluuuuurps*

eeiiiii~~~ love this set!!

me dessert @.@

it's really a nice and cozy place in Sagawa...not sure why there was only two tables of customers that time...the food is acceptable what...  :|  or maybe there's "something" else stuck in there all the way from Japan :|  :|



Monday, June 21, 2010

Healing Time

how long does it take to recover from a break up? a week? a month? a year? does time really matters? some people say the total time you spent on your relationship would be the time you use to recover...is it? why it sounds like it's more to berkabung (mourning period) one? =.=*

if time really matters, then why do some people have a new relationship right after a break up? is that a temporary healing or they really got over their ex-es and move on? if there's healing time, then break up time leh? called "broke up time"? and couple that time is "together time"?

. . . . . wtf. . .  "together time" =.=

i was once told by a guy friend that "time doesn't matter...it doesn't mean you love that person more if you mourn for 3months, 1 years, 6 years...it just shows that you're still silly-ly in love with him/her"

and i think his statement is true...i mean, why wasting time thinking about one person when you can spend your time on other stuffs e.g family and friends? i bet there's at least one who can accompany you til the end, right?

spending time emo-ing all over the world, facebook, msn and skype proves what, tell me? hah? tell me!?!! show people how emo you are hah?!? or show people how attached you are?!? or show people how "chang qing" (loyal) you are?!?! u can listen to emo songs, watch emo movies, eat emo food but need to go beyond that or not? necessary ah? must ah?

then after that what? suicide??! cry half dead in front of people? acting ah? cry so loud later ah piao come pick you up then you know =.=

what i think...

people might say time heals but i think it's the way they think of the situation rather than the time..like...i'll definitely think of my ex at first after we broke up...but i won't say i'll be okay in 2 years time..instead, i'll still go on missing and think of him from time to time and eventually it will stop at a point while still going on with my life 

so where does the "time heals" play the part when i spend my time on important stuffs like studies and friendsi would keep that emo part like how i eat, chewed, swallowed and it metabolized and flushed into the toilet bowl but essential nutrients are kept in the body all the pains, the sadness is flushed off and rather keep the good memories in the head for good

for me, "time heals" doesn't exist unless i spend it solely on thinking about it, crying about it, mourning about it 24/7or else, time heals when a person have nothing else better to do in life and just waiting for time to pass by then after. . .let's say 6 months, saying "i'm over him/her and time heals!"

if i'm doing something else besides emo-ing alone then i wouldn't say that time heals cause in this matter, it's the stuffs that i do along my sadness that heals me time..? hmm...not so much and by the time i'm healed, i achieved something else too


Sunday, June 20, 2010


to all the Fathers out there...

Happy Father's Day!!

so sad that i can't celebrate both mother's and father's day this year... but hey! at least i called! i'll have the chance to celebrate their birthday this year! yeeheeee~~~~!!!



Saturday, June 19, 2010


hi! i'm back for no reason! just to post a video click..! i bet you guys are familiar the the Cat Waking Up His Girlfriend video in YouTube..and i heard the song..it was so emotional and indeed, touching :)

A un passo dal possibile // One step from what's possible

A un passo da te // One step from you
Paura di decidere // Fear to decide
Paura di me // Fear of myself

Di tutto quello che non so // Of everything I don't know
Di tutto quello che non ho //Of everything I don't have

Eppure sentire // Nevertheless, feeling
Nei fiori tra l'asfalto // In the flowers over the asphalt
Nei cieli di cobalto - c'è // In the royal blue sky - it is

Eppure sentire // Nevertheless, feeling
Nei sogni in fondo a un pianto // at the bottom of dreams, at the end of the cry
Nei giorni di silenzio - c'è // in the days of silence - it is

un senso di te – A sense of you

C'è un senso di te // It’s a sense of you

Credit for those who translated this song to English :)


Mrs Ali's Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne

heh...haven't got fully recharged dah nak go out again =.= so don't be shocked by my tired-fugly looking face har...

went to Mrs Ali's restaurant for dinner..i tried a couple of times but it was a delivery so this time we went to the restaurant :)

among few of the main course i tried, i love Naga Special the most...and i'll be loyal to it~ hahahahah!!!


okie..i need to recharge again~ see ya'll in 2 days! *wink*


Friday, June 18, 2010

Alton Towers, Stoke-On-Trent

HOLLA!! Snoopy's back again for my last post on ALTON TOWERS theme park!!! that's why i need to separate this post...my friends and i had been talking and wanting to go there for. . . .3 months but failed previously

but now hell yea we made it to Alton Towers!!!

i'll shut up for now and upload pictures

nyea nyea..drivers drive, passenger click flash! :D

see this weirdo...wear hamik suit =.= cover cover all from head to toe...what for hor?
anyone tell me please?

we queued for Thirteen roller coaster ride and saw this.....who's interested pandai
pandai save this number la har...

Thirteen indeed is a fun and surprising ride..try it out and you'll know :)

teared on my 1st ride...The Blade! on the left picture!! ah ma long time didn't go to theme park ah~  >.< can't blame me! luckily i brought my MINYAK KAYU PUTIH along

Ice Cream Waffles topped with Chocolate ice cream and Chocolate sauce!!

this is AIR roller coaster..it's the smoothest ride in Alton Towers and it takes
about 3minutes from you keep your ass down on the scary ride 'til the end

and no i didn't get on the ride...enough rolling and rolling and BBQ-ing upside
down for me...too scary for me liao =.=

hahk! alton towers is SO VERY DE INTERESTING~!! but i don't fancy roller coasters @.@

heh! fake shark spinning round and round :)

 this was the most fun part..pirate water war!!  :D

this one i'm not scared *grins*

after Water War...we don't look wet, do we?

 hahahaha!!! speechless


 yea i know.....shooooosh

grab all you can!! *evil grin*


and that's the end of my 5 days trip..it was my first time travelling with friends in a foreign
country..driving as the GPS guides...having maximum fun and excitement that a person could
almost fail to bare...!!

if you're going to a road trip soon...then stay put as i'm going to tell you what to and not to
do on a road trip like this