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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Words.


Okay this will really be my last post for 2014 since it's really the last day. LOL.

I think I deserve to be surrounded by great people, great friends.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How 2014 Ends


For those who doesn't know, I'm from Sabah - Borneo of Malaysia. I've been living in KL for 3 years now (approx. 4). Feels like forever. People do ask if I ever go back to Sabah for good. Well... I don't think so (but I'll keep my options open).

My life have been a so-called-roller-coaster life. So much had happen that I sometimes just can't figure out how did I manage myself being in Kuala Lumpur for this long. Without relatives or family with me.

But I'll share what Kuala Lumpur has taught me within these few years. Hands up if you feel the same way too, okay? Okay.

#1. Kuala Lumpur is crazy.

I'm not sure how crazy are you staying in this huge city despite all the politics, rallies, rapes, kidnappings, road bullies but I WENT BANANAS! When I first got my car back in 2012, I tell myself I'll drive as nice as possible, just be normal. Geez, if only all drivers are Jesus! I've never been feeling as good as shyt when I honk at reckless drivers or swear at them as if they can hear every single beeped word I shouted out. LOLL! That poor motorbike guy. Okay now I'll apologize. 

I thank God and people who have been praying for my safety in KL. It may sound easy but especially for my parents, I know that they are constantly worried about me being alone here. My dad would call and said he read in the news that some dude fell into a pit hole in Germany or tsunami in Thailand and tells me to be careful. Oh my... I didn't know I'm all over the world. But yeah, I'm taking every precautions to keep myself safe too. Even when I forgot to lock my car, I'll double check if there's any crazy dude hiding in my boot. XD

And I don't even want to get started with the food here!

#2. Kuala Lumpur taught me to be a lone ranger.

Regardless you have a car accident or a car breakdown or you're too dead to see a doctor, at the end of they day, you are THE ONLY ONE who could rise up and move on with your life. You may get sympathy from people but there's no help given of you don't help yourself at the first place.

KL is so selfish that I learnt to rather scratch my own scars than to have people scarring it even deeper than it already is. From simple things e.g. picking furnitures to picking clothes in H&M to getting workloads done at work or asking help from people. All by your own decisions.

The reason is, people will always say the good things about you, things that you want to hear. But the ugly truth is never known until you reflect on your freaking life by the end of the year and say F*CK.

P E O P L E  A R E   J U S T  T H A T  C O M P L I C A T E D .

#3. Kuala Lumpur changes your appearance.

It's funny but yet it's really true. Haha! All my life, I have been a loose-tee-boot-cut-jeans kinda girl. I've never been bothered to dress for occasions or to pick a casual wear for an hour. Meh. But staying in KL...*pergh* Everything IS about appearance! I learnt to be more alert on fashion styles, upcoming season's collection, looking at people's weird outfit (and laughs at my owns). Sephora, ZARA, H&M, Benefits, Burberry, Prada sounds so good to my ears.

But so far my life changing appearance queen goes to my BRACES. Haha! It changes my look a lot. But still look like a man (blame my dad for giving me such huge nose)

If I've been in Sabah now, I wouldn't be good to myself. I wouldn't get the quote of "treating yourself better". I'd still be the same ol' kampung girl living a dull life.

(But you will be lucky to have a couple of friends who are willing to go through all these sh*t with you. And I'm glad I do have!)


Friday, December 26, 2014

The Significant 2014

2014 has been a very significant year for me, personally. I think I would remember this year much more than any other years that I had.

It started off pretty well. Nothing much I can complain about except for the usual – high living expenses. Haha! Joking.

But then things started to change, without a warning. Like a tsunami, things happen to my family, friends and me. Bad things. Things are barely inevitable. And when bad things happen, people get upset, mad, confused, sad.

The wonder of someone that you used to be so close with, suddenly vanished from your life. How could that possibly happen? Well, if men could believe in outer space life, isn’t this easier to believe? I guess it’s not that we don’t believe it would happen, but rather we choose not to.

Of course no one ever like bad things to happen to us, or to people that we care dearly. Ever. Whoever do must be an alien freak. So, all we can do it just to accept what life is hitting us with. It might be difficult.


But this is part of life. We all learn from the sorrows, heartaches, unhappiness, and regrets. That’s when people get stronger. Both emotionally and mentally. The heart will be full of scars. And these scars will make us wiser.


Sunday, December 21, 2014


Strong words that could express everything. Still figure out the best way to stay as happy as possible. :)


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trip of The Year, Los Angeles


I thank God for this trip. Oops.. Maybe I should thank my mum. She was the one who got me this fully paid expenses trip to California. Haha! Love you, mom. I think my mum doesn't know what Blogging is. Hm.

Anyway, I wasn't really in the mood for a fun-happy-enjoyable trip. This was more of a.. mind clearing trip. A meditation perhaps.

But then let me lay out the simple itinerary of my trip for you. It started off by transiting via Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Then we took a bus to Long Beach to board our ship - Carinal Inspiration cruise. Our destination was to Catalina Island and Ensanada, Mexico.


I was loving the view when it was time to head back to the cruise. So sad that I couldn't spend more time looking at the beautiful scenery. :(

Ensenada to me is just another small city with a large community of poverty. No surprise here. But it's a good thing I got to see a lot of less fortunate kids around. I feel grateful for what everything that I have and don't have more now.

Been to Hollywood Walk of Fame, passed by Beverly Hills area and visited an outlet for major shopping too. Haha!

Just to share where I've been lately. :)

Oh.. And I travelled along with my fav Snoopy COACH bag and UNION JACK luggage too. ;)


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gone But Not for Good


Been going through a lot lately. Hence the absence. But don't panic, blogger. I'll be back again.