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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Previous 18th

on 18th September 2010, it's like i went back to the past for a day...heh! confused? don't be...♥ i went out with my primary school bestie in the day and yam cha with my cell group brothers at night.. lots of flashbacks, old stories, new stories continued from old stories... LOL! but every second was massive!!  i love every bit of it cause you don't get this chances all the time

but i'm very 'clever' one... every time also forgot to take precious pictures in important outings like these -_____- 

the star of the day (: dah lah tu on the phone! you're mine today!

chocolate muffin for starter

we dined at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS in 1Borneo and ordered the on-the-promotion Kenny's Balinese Chicken with 3 side dishes and muffin (above)
my side dishes are mash potato, aromatic rice and pasta (:

Mango Magic Yogurt Iced Blends - uishhh such a long name *phew*

then we went on shopping around 1Borneo especially Sasa cause she was looking for anti-acne treatments and i was looking for................looking around XD

P/S she bought anti-acne treatment from a brand called Dr.G in Sasa cause the salesgirl confirm next day sure gone one...so i asked my friend how was her acne, really gone or not...she said "GONE MY FOOT!!!!!" hahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!! sue the salesgirl gau gau~!

awww....too bad i don't have our ELEVEN years before picture >.<

and who the hell talk about racism i'll sepak kick you far far... she, Nonong came from a Malay background family and i'm (duhhh) obvisouly from a Chinese family but SO WHAT!!?? WHAT SO!?!?? ♥ eleven years of friendship doesn't break easily just because of one F* RACIST word

then we went for a cup of coffee from Starbucks and we got a chop on our receipt... 50% off for one beverage from Starbucks but we both already had one so...the receipt was wasted (i lost it by the way..STARBUCKS FAIL)

Mocha Cafe~ is my <3

how do we get this offer? purchase more then RM30 hah? hmm...  O_o

can't be more satisfied with the Chocolate Cake! :D

i shopped quite a lot but the highlight is my new Snoopy mouse with mousepad :)


went out with the Tan brothers at night but i didn't snap any pictures -__________- but i was super happy that day!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Is This Just 4000 views?

not funny meh? why only 4000 views? hot ma ini............. XD


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food Facts

these are my food factssss, and hear me out :)

♥ #1.. the fact that Japanese restaurant was the second restaurant after mamak stall i dined in after arriving Malaysia yet the Matcha ice cream was not yummy (mamak, you're still the best!!)

♥ #2.. the fact that this was the first time i tried can't-remember-what's-the-name's dessert and it was superb! i love it, max! i really can't remember the name, you can hit me with a bowl now..but i know it's near to Sunway Pyramid and i heard from friends it's literally packed everyday

 ♥ #3..the fact that siumai (Pork dumplings in dim sum) and pai kuat in dim sum (below) was my  love-at-first-sight when i was a little girl, and had been loyal to both of them since

*sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp*  i LOVE u~!

♥ #4..the fact that the only Nasi Lemak i had was from pasar Ramadhan last month yet nothing special about it :( sadness~

♥ #5..the fact that grandma's dishes are amazing and never failed to please my stomach :D (fried eggplant and bitter melon stuffed with meat)

grandma's simple cooked mee hoon

♥ #6..the fact that this restaurant's Bak Kut Teh was awesomely delicious and they even have their own spices packets for sale! will tell you next time where is this about!

♥ #7..the fact that i'd been eating fish (cooked in different styles) so often i am a bit phobia to eat it now... :|

♥ #8..the fact that this dish is not worth RM5.50 at all! you can count the meat on top of the mee within 3 seconds! in mandarin i call this "STEALING WORK, MINUS MATERIALS"!

 ♥ #9..the fact that this sushi plate is my mum's fav...she mentions it every time she sees it :)  cuteness~

 #10..the fact that the miso soup given was not-so-miso after all

 #11..the fact that food served by Emirates airlines are not very inviting but they seriously can stuff me to death @.@

♥ #12..my handsome dad's home-cooked meals will be forever NUMBER ONE!

thanks for viewing...  :) will update soon~ weeeee~~~~~~~


Friday, September 17, 2010


just if you guts haven't noticed, i did a little changes to my blog..more like additions of some stuffs.. at the end of posts, side bar has more additional stuffs *grinss*, Nuffnang Xchange and i joined Churp Churp! not really knowing what's that really about but it's no harm so, we'll see...  :)

i had been observing my blog since i last changed it and i really think it's kinda dull...especially the background is not PINK and adding that there isn't anything much on the side bar so i added little stuffs in it in other words, to add more colors to this blog :) hih

and my laptop is finally recovered from chronic disease!! yippiee!! urgh...it's been so long since i really face this laptop of mine for hours... i miss those time we spent together...so please don't die on me again..but it's quite hard to maintain this 'relationship' cause the webcam is not in function anymore and so does the CD ROM.. damn!

*background music- all i want for Christmas~~ is~~ ______ *

* me singing - .... is a NEW LAPTOP *

santa oh santa...have you heard me? it's an advance Christmas wish... i have to be 1st on your list as soon as Christmas arrived! nyea nyea nyea!

and my status at the moment would be jobless, broke, bored everyone's busy working yet i'm busy sleeping, hovering around! &gt;.&lt; it's making me sick and guilty :(

on the bright side, when my lappie was down, i made my new organizer...i was looking from bookstores to bookstores to get 'the one' but failed..so why not do my own? i'll be loving it every second, won't i? :)

apart from that.......................................................hmm..i lost it but anyway, pictures to come on next posts :)

see ya then!


Friday, September 10, 2010

I Met A Stranger

i met a stranger,
i looked at her, she was a little girl,
from the look in her eyes,
i knew she lost her mother.

i met a stranger,
i glanced at him, he was an old man,
from the glimpse i caught,
i knew he was tired and alone.

i met a stranger,
i smiled at him, he was a teenager,
from his smirk he replied,
i sensed the evil in him.

i met a stranger,
i stared at her, she was a lady,
from the face i stared at,
i knew she was out-going and trendy.

i met a stranger,
i waved at it,
from its tail that swung,
i knew it was happy to meet me.

i met a stranger,
i noticed her, she was an old lady,
 from the back of her figure,
i knew she wasn't any stranger.


P/S if anyone seen this before do let me know, cause i didn't copy this. :)


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's A Whisper Joke

due to the inefficiency of my laptop and hand phone, i got no pictures to post these few days..

*laptop is sick
*not sure where i dump my hand phone's cable to :| and the pictures i want to post is in there *sigh*

last month was Ghost Festival (August 24th to be exact)..i know this is very late but i was watching tv just now and saw a lot of scary/horror programs and i was drifted away a bit...besides, i'm staying quite near to a huge embalming business organization and my housing area previously was covered with trees and bushes (now there are more development, less scary :D )

i was wondering why lightning "likes" to strike on trees and on people carrying umbrellas... not sure if you guys ever thought about it but i think......

i think........

i think it's because those ah piao like to hide under trees, inside the umbrellas...so the lightning tends to "attack" on these two objects... maybe to chase them away nuh..? possible? *nods head* heh!

wa seh~~~ cool o not ?!?! my ghost festival joke nuh.... (don't say lame eh..)

it's true what...especially the area outside of my house, which used to have those big trees and the bushes was not abandoned...people claimed that they saw ghosts-choi-ah piao under one of those trees lah and that was the main reason the main road had many accidents previously...

deng deng~

ishh...i think i watched too much of those scary movies on tv (can't blame me also) who ask them to make so much of those movies? *shakes head*


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Malaysia Racism vs Animal Cruelty

everybody knew about Namewee with his video, right? yea...the "Nah" video...i agree that he used lots of *** words but i give credit for his braveness to speak out....

i think i better shut up before policeman come to me :|

speaking of which, another daring guy made a rap video about Malaysia racism as well...mayb he's not as famous as Namewee...but hear him out :)

the first few seconds i wasn't paying attention to his face...i was looking at his words...then! i realized i knew him...my previous Bishops' son, Samuel  =.=

good job for him...this video of his hit 30,000 views already in 2 days *thumbs up* lots of good comments...and i don't think he can swear....cause er...his dad...is a.....Bishop, after all?


another video that made me................feel like *puke* puking...! eh? i puked....yea whatever..watch this..

A girl threw 5 puppies into the river...!! >.< OH MAI GUTT....like OUUU MAIIII GUTTT~~~!?!??!?!?!?!?!? what the hell..!??!?! whether she's sick or not she making me sick...!! yuck!!!! she should be thrown to the river 500000000 times if she got caught soon! @.@ no idea what was she thinking...those puppies are so adorable...!! speechless max...i watch this over and over and over...and wish there is something i could do to save those cutties  :'(

thank God the polices are trying theie best to catch this psycho.. GIRL THREW PUPPIES INTO RIVER and for you who knows this sick thing, please report...

that's all for today... Xxxx!