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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's A Whisper Joke

due to the inefficiency of my laptop and hand phone, i got no pictures to post these few days..

*laptop is sick
*not sure where i dump my hand phone's cable to :| and the pictures i want to post is in there *sigh*

last month was Ghost Festival (August 24th to be exact)..i know this is very late but i was watching tv just now and saw a lot of scary/horror programs and i was drifted away a bit...besides, i'm staying quite near to a huge embalming business organization and my housing area previously was covered with trees and bushes (now there are more development, less scary :D )

i was wondering why lightning "likes" to strike on trees and on people carrying umbrellas... not sure if you guys ever thought about it but i think......

i think........

i think it's because those ah piao like to hide under trees, inside the umbrellas...so the lightning tends to "attack" on these two objects... maybe to chase them away nuh..? possible? *nods head* heh!

wa seh~~~ cool o not ?!?! my ghost festival joke nuh.... (don't say lame eh..)

it's true what...especially the area outside of my house, which used to have those big trees and the bushes was not abandoned...people claimed that they saw ghosts-choi-ah piao under one of those trees lah and that was the main reason the main road had many accidents previously...

deng deng~

ishh...i think i watched too much of those scary movies on tv (can't blame me also) who ask them to make so much of those movies? *shakes head*



Ken Wooi said...

im afraid of ghosts! o.O
lol who doesnt right? =P

michellesnoopy said...

hahaha!!! i don't know er..i got no experience :|