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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update #1

OooOOoo.....gone for sooooo long! sorry for ya'll! especially those who found me gone from Facebook! i deactivated myself from Facebook TEMPORARILY so that i can focus on my 1st official job until i'm confidently familiar with my it then i'll activate it again..

but i'll be back for Facebook during CNY holidays of course..hehehee!

wokay...so i started my job on 17th Jan..and first day was EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMELY gan cheong ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! ☹ then 2nd day was awesome until now ♥ buying OL clothes is much more difficult then buying CNY clothes, damn it! i'm still looking for some great looking shoes and bags to match my clothes..oh well..that can wait, aite?

i was planning to snap every outfit i wear to work everyday and post it up for opinions but PHAIL. some mornings i rushed myself, some mornings i just forgot about it...HAHAAHAHAH!! starting from Feb...i'll keep this idea in mind..

grandma came to visit last week and she was soooooo cute!! hahah!! she asked me about boys and work and how's life..awww...Grandma is da BOMB!!! ☠ had a couple of night outs to Quattro and Opera this weekends to catch up with ol' friends! 

my current life now is on "so far, so good" mode..except for the pay i'll be getting every month..can't wait! that'll be "thrilled" mode!!!

another thing...! to all Lady Gaga fans....her new song, Anatomy of Change is AWESOME!

i can't wait this to hit the clubs everywhere! are you as excited as i am?

i'll be back again next weekend for updates..and below are few pictures from my OL clothings..happy shopping for CNY, loves! see ya!

shoes from Korea

one of the mix and match i have

1st day outfit 


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Say It Or Not

i used to think apologizing is ridiculous as it's not in my tradition or culture or manners or in my blood to say so. let's put it this way, i'm a good girl bad girl. i don't express it in verbal way but in action. i remember i argued a lot with my BFF when we were younger and stupid-er back then but i always buy her stuffs as my "apology" . so she either accept it or ignore it..........for awhile and we'll b sticky candies once more. 

however, as i grew over the years of learning process, i understood that i was wrong. people seems to have trouble of not hearing those magic words. AND i thought i bought the wrong stuff for them. SHYT =_________=

i realized that i have regrets...for not saying "it's my fault" or "i'm sorry" or "please forgive me" . i know it very well that these regrets will haunt me for some time...even now. thereby, in order to prevent that from happening, i'm trying my best to avoid incidences that results in saying these words. i'm already bad at it so why giving myself trouble doing so, eh? 

and i'm doing it only once..u'll have to take it or leave it. i won't waste my time on people who i think being ridiculous and foolish. in future, whenever i recall back, i'll definitely won't feel bad about what happened since i've tried. i am anxious about regrets..cause those are the few things that i can't turn back time and give it a second shot, can you?

my perception is to do it now or never. and if you chose never, u'll carry along another word, REGRET. which you can't erase a single alphabet from that word to make yourself better.

you too, love. don't take that word with you.


P/S this is my darling..and we're the sweetest couple on earth! LOL! convinced?
well...at least i'm the man!


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sissy Twinkle

meet Twinkle...the PONDAN poodle 

the first snap i had of you.

i didn't like nor hate you when we first met but you were excited when i arrived your home (: that was a great start. i wasn't interested in you cause you looked weird..it's like you have a dog's soul in a sheep's body............or the other way round o_O yet you never stopped bugging me and yeah...you seem like you'd been trying really damn f*cking hard

and the reason he is a PONDAN POODLE cause he has only one BALL. serious.

day after day...we kinda clicked (somehow..geeeez) and i found out you're kinda funny...and GEPOH~ you always try to attract attention from both your owner and me...trying go get either one of us to play with you..and we did...so high...so fly....like a G6...sheeeeesh...i wonder how did we played that rough *roll eyes*

you were with me for the whole week when you owner went back to hometown and that period was a DISASTER for me......both of us actually..LOL! i felt like our life looked freakin'ly alike lor!! XD starting from sunrise, when i woke up, u ikut waking up...and then after i peed...i have to ask you to pee as well..then sometimes i poo soon after that..you'll poo as well (under commands of course)..and when i eat...u also ikut eat...

when i surf the internet, you either sleep again or busy walking here and there...like you own a massive business around the house

tsk tsk tsk..

Twinkle...how much can you sleep?!

wake up lah!

hah...this was you when you tried your attempt to curi makan...

awwww....this was you with your owner's nerdy specs LOL!!! (he was afraid of specs after that hahaha!!)

this was you when i scared you with GHOST HOWLING sounds with the door squeaky so ngam to happened together!! ✌ HAHAHAHAH!! this was damn funny! how can you be so chicken!?!? memang sah u pondan! proven! XD

eeeeeee....wat have you done? so dirty?

sweet.....i was reading and you were accompanying without a bark (: sweet...how sweet! ♥ ♥ 

☁ the night you left 

i'm gonna miss ya buddy..period. so shit of you to make me miss u so. i'm wishing you great time with your new owner and friends..!

so long! you sissy poodle!


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lady Ella


staying with her for few months is absolutely more than enough to dig into her ultimate self. she's a person with great personality and style of her own instead of a fierce cool face LOL!

if u seen her somewhere..don't take her seriously cause that's only the disguise she put on. having a gung ho plus sweet personality, she'll enjoy every minute of her time in having lots of fun!

lucky are those who befriended her...and i'm wishing her the best in making new friends in the States..


i remember her winnie the pooh sleeping gaun, her sexy voice, her huge pile of closet, her tied up ponytail and her looooong legs! sometimes she does idiot stuffs unintentionally e.g. texting the wrong person, moving through the music beats, almost tripped over her bed and ACT FUNNY WHEN SHE WAS DRUNK!!! muahahahah!! damn funny lah that time! unbelievable...but that was the great time..

she lend a hand to lots of friends in need, including mua, Snoopy..can't thank her more for all the helps i received from her..and therefore, i'll be waiting for her comeback so we can EAT.THE.WHOLE.WORLD.AGAIN! by then, she'll pay NO KI-CHINGS on whatever goes into her mouth!

flying off to USA ain't easy but somehow it seems simple by just sitting on the plane and sleep and eat and wait for transits..it's harder to depart without the besties, sisters, heng dai's or families...and it's the hardest to only have to keep those memories from fading away before the next HUGE celebration upon her homecoming..

so...you definitely can deal with these, laydeh!

♕ lollipop girl



good luck in your studies and have maximum fun over the States!! happy USA birthday to you again!!! don't get cheeky cheeky! lol!! and say hi to the snowman for meeeeeee~ ☃ god bless u!!