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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Am Reminded

Hola!! It's the end of May and I'm uh..... 3094783648 post behind. LOL!

*with French accent* pardon me, me love.. I'd been busy.

But today, today is different. There was an urge that pushed me to write. Can't believe I need AN URGE to write now. *sigh to my blog* But first of all, I would like to announce that the word SCANDAL and OBSCENE is officially banned from my life.

I had... a couple of questions being asked earlier and I think I need to rephrase my answers after another thought.

You know when you're being questioned and they just aren't convinced with the answer you replied ? And then you feel like . . . . turning into The Incredible Hulk. I always tell my kids that being a paper chaser doesn't do much as compared to their own personality and originality. Shamed to admit, their mentor, mua phailed in many ways.

Papers are indeed important. Before you meet someone formally, paper work/ reading is the first thing you must do. I was tested on an industry that never crossed my mind for once and hell yeah I have to admit, IT WAS AND IT TOUGH. Convincing people is one thing I didn't and couldn't learn from school. And it would be on my degree cert as well. It's something that I learn along my life. How would you convince people to actually believe that you're capable of doing what you're expected to when it is obvious that you don't have any experience on?

If I could, I would say. . . I won't disappoint you. In whatever task I'll be given, I'll put 200% in it without doubt. As important as the process is to me, so does the end result. I want and I need to see the end product where I put my full effort in. There you go.

Then, a really tough question was where will you be in 5 years time? Honestly, I don't know. But I'm clear with what I want to do. I would hold on to things that I'm capable of. Because I believe if I would keep what I have at my current position, it must be something worth a lot. It would be too much for me to let it go just like that. Years are just numbers.. If you found something worth holding on, you would have stopped counting from day 1. *wink*

This is easy but I wouldn't have the courage to tell mainly due to the fact that I'm totally not in the position to say so. But I would confidently say 'Yes' based on the response of the people I met. I remember well the day I was interviewed by JA and LA for my official job, it was a comfortable one. I love it and still do despite the change now. I love the way they made me felt so homey even before I started day one.

Grab it while you can.

Good night people. See you again soon. :))