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Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Game, March.

The Roof, 1st Avenue
current haircut


It's already end of March! Time passes too quick! :( I was a little busy to write up due to:-

#1. Work,
#2. Stress release session,
#3. Catching up,
#4. Haircut.

So tiring but fun! These people I meet are worth all my breath, time and energy cause they are really making me laugh - constantly!

April will be slightly busier. But hopefully I will have left over energy to meet up with friends to catch up and relax and enjoy the moment. :) It feels so nice to be surrounded with really good aura friends. It's good enough for me to keep negative thoughts away.

Can't wait for april to end! Heheee! Tomorrow's April Fool! I'll be back with something less rubbish-y! *pinky finger*


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nail Tell #2 - Ombre Mini Hearts


I did this nail art weeks ago but didn't have time to write about it. It's really cute if you don't look at it too close.. Wtm.. I just bought myself a set of dotting tool and I tried them out with this nail art. Pretty fast and easy compared to drawing hearts with a brush, especially lots of hearts.

As for the colour, even easier. Started with red at the tip of the nail and then add little white towards up. So, dotting tool wins!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh Boy, I Look Like a LadyBoy

hairstyle during work O_o

selfie at home


Most of the time Sometimes....... I look at the mirror and tell myself I look like a boy. I know my mum would be the first to agree. Wtm XD I have my dad's features after all (especially my nose). My mum complains a lot about my boyish character and I would scare all the guys away.. Wtm..

Ladyboy.... the ugly version though... Hahaha..

I myself don't know why my femme genes don't show. Hmm.. Transexual surgery loh... Or plastic surgery to become pretty? XD


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Appreciating The Girls.


With all the news and stories and questions about #mh370, I would like to say sorry to the families whom their love ones involve in the sad incident. I don't understand death, but I do understand lost. And I believe this huge incident gave a major impact to everyone in every corner of the world to appreciate life even more - family, friends, lover..

Girls night out.. For 3 of us. Trying to spend as much time as possible together that night, catching up, crapping all night long and snapping silly photos. Appreciating their existence. 

Complain less in life and be grateful with the things in your hands,
For the things you have now will leave you.

taken by V


Monday, March 17, 2014

Nude to Red.


I'm not really a fan of lipsticks cause I whenever I put them on I feel like my lips is 0.5 gram heavier (chehh..). LOL...! My favourite colour would be something coral-ish color. I have the impression that lipstick incorporated with coral colour is nice for nude make ups. Hehe. Entah betui ke tak pun..

Credit to necessarybeauty.blogspot.com
So I started off with no colour at all and build up the redness... Not really red red, but close. I'll get one maybe soon. I've always wanted to try a really hot red lipstick. Heh.


pinkish red

I did have some foundation on. Attended a make up lesson in the HOSPITAL last friday. Wtm... imagine hospital + make up lesson. Haha! And I had my haircut today! It's been really hot and chopping a few inches off my head kinda helps a lot! *yeaaay!*


Thursday, March 13, 2014

BGR - Killing Time


Something about relationship today. Heh.. Dating in uni is far different from dating in the working society. Workloads, schedules, business trip etc that makes a couple meet up lesser and lesser. I've known some drs who mentioned that they only meet their other half once/twice a month. My response was "?!?!?!?" How do couples survive like that?!

Credit to uthinkkido.com

I always think like the meme above too. Especially when my man doesn't pick up my calls or reply my texts. Wtm.. But now that I myself experienced the super busy schedules and all I can think of is your BED, I realise I did pressure my ex partners a lot. I demanded to go out even when they are tired. How mean.. XD

I guess this is THE real deal of COMPROMISING. "It's easy to be said than done", they say. And I true that saying! I'm attached with a workaholic man and I just couldn't be as mean as I was before. Knowing that it's so tiring to date/hangout/walk after a very very long day is just going to frustrate him. And frustrating your man is not cool. Couples end up arguing about who sacrifices more and who compromises more often.

So these are the things you can do when he's busy working:-

1. Shop for him. Shop without your man. Go get him something to enlighten his hectic work with a little surprise! Be it a simple pen or a tie or even a funny handmade card! It's doesn't need to be a celebration or special date to hand him a small gift, right? But don't spend too much on a present cause you might need to get him something quite often.

2. Hangout with friends. Don't neglect your friends when you start dating! They are the important people in your life too! Go catch up with your dear friends/babes/angels WITHOUT your guy. Especially those you haven't meet since ages. Loads of coffee shops/houses/cafes are booming around town. Go try them with your friends. XD

3. Hobby. Everyone has a hobby. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. If you don't have any, bang the wall with your head and figure out one. If you like to read, then spend some time alone reading. If you like to bake, then bake! Occupy your time with your hobby! It'll distract you from thinking about him too much.

4. Catch a drama. K-Pop fan? TVB fan? I'm pretty sure there are tons of dramas you can watch. Go get a few and cry in front of the screen! LOL!

The harder you try to grab water on your palm, the faster it flows out from it.

And it's TGIF tmr! Wohooo!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The dot.com Moment


My blogspot has changed to .com today. I've decided why not move to my own domain. Consider it a gift for blogging so long even after I graduated from uni. I never thought I would be writing constantly,considering I started this blog when I was in UK.

Time passes sooooo fast it's been the 5th year anniversary for this blog. Hahaha..not bad. A lot of times I think about what is it that I write in here and reading my back dated posts are just so funny! So naive and stress-free period. Biasalah...uni life.

Cheers to 2014!

P/S I'm using Godaddy.com to host my domain. Cheap rate. Haha!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Eating out


I'm constantly eating out. Well, who doesn't eat out these days right? With the busy work schedules, who would have such time to cook at home every single day? I do cook at home.......if I'm not busy during work. Wtm.

To search for a good restaurant/stall/food court to dine in is definitely the 2nd most hardest thing in the universe. The hardest thing is "What to eat?!" I recently dined in a few new places and not 100% satisfied with the food they served.

#1. The Good Batch. Other than the Iced Mocha, nothing much to say about their food. Even a simple Caesar wasn't done well.

#2. Rumahku. Very good fusion cuisine with great taste and rich flavours *sluuuuuuuurps*. I posted in instagram but I kept the dessert here because.........it wasn't really nice. I guess dessert is not their forte.

#3. Kopitiam in Bangsar (sorry don't know the name but it's at the corner and near to the market). Everything on the table was so-so. Just ate them for the sake of my stomach. :/

Eating out is getting more and more frequent especially for my generation now, struggling in the working society to work our ass off just for another decent meal. Cooking at home needs passion and time and patient too. I think youngsters now are not in the mood that at the moment. After all, it's sooooooo tempting being outside of the house!


Saturday, March 08, 2014

Days in KLCC


So I started my first few days of March in KL Convention Centre for an exhibition show. I rarely visit the centre of KL due to the massive traffic and the crowd. But on top of that, I just don't blend well with people's stare.

Maybe it's the impression that people have, when you are to go to Kuala Lumpur area, you have to be well-dressed. And I'm so completely the opposite. I don't join the crowd cause I don't think it's necessary nor compulsory.

I was wearing a decent top and jeans throughout the three days and no problem with that. The only thing that attracted people's stare is my BAG. Yeap...my back pack. Not only the colour - bright turquoise but also I was carrying it IN FRONT. LOL.... it's for my safety precaution just in case some snatch theft targeted me.

And people stared at me like I'm sort of a freak. I felt like asking "WHAT...?" to them. You know...those stare that goes up and down at you.. So judgemental. Eww..

But then, I managed to snap some pictures when I was walking around the park. The haze is pretty bad. :(


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nail Tell #1 - Galaxy

tools for this nail art


I've been practising some nail art since earlier this year but only now that I think it's share-able haha! I'm still in the midst of improving my strokes with brushes and more art to share. 

For starter, I'll have this famous galaxy nail art done over and over by lots of professional art artists. I googled galaxy nails and I stumbled upon loads of different colours of galaxy. Maybe different colour next time? I must admit, it wasn't really difficult as the steps are mostly repetitive and just minimal dots here and there. I'll explain in simply FIVE steps:-

1. Black nail polish after your base coat.
2. Use the edge of a sponge (uneven surface better, just tear a little form the edge!), dab just very little white polish and then gently dab it on the nails. Remember, gently
3. Repeat with pink and then purple at the same area.
4. Use a brush or dotting tool, just dot on the black area to add the galaxy-ness to the nails. For easier way, use glitter polish and only very minimal amount of it, and dot at the black area.
5. Finish off with top coat.

Note 1: DO NOT execute Step 2 and 4 to the whole nail! It will look like the whole galaxies crashed in a clump.
Note 2: You don't need a lot of polish for Step 2 and 3!

Thanks for reading! :)


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Disabled Comments


I've disabled the comment link on my blog, if you noticed. And I'm so relieved to do so. I blogwalk whenever I have time to and occasionally leave comments. The main reason I disabled my comment is when I read people's blog, I see the comments are a little.....weird. Wtm..

I'm a little nervous/uncomfortable when people would write something like "comment back" or "visit back". It's a polite way of demanding a comment on their blog but I'm very uncomfortable with doing that. And I don't wish others to do the same to me too. I visit blogs because I want to read their posts, not because I want to get something in return.

I'd rather not having you read if you expect me to comment or must-visit-back kinda thing. And I'm confused with people who says "blogging is my passion" when all I see is "please comment" or "comment and I'll comment back". I'm not sure if it's blogging or commenting that they're passionate about. O_o

I'm freakishly a weirdo.


Monday, March 03, 2014

Dip Dye Hair - Blue


Again, about my hair! Hahaha! I'm soooo in love with it! It started with shocking pink (Read Here) and then I accidentally dyed it blue. I was surprised to see the blue appeared at the ends cause I'm 200% sure I bought PURPLE. I tried a little of purple first time and it worked. Somehow the 2nd time, it didn't. I think I used too much of the purple it just turned blue.

But I still like this blue...as long as it's not pink :x The pictures above were in three different washes (messy hair, I know) and you can actually see how vibrant the blue is. Hahaha!

However, my purple base started to turn brown :( Will post again will the faded blue turned purple! Yeaaaay!