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Friday, February 28, 2014

What is Happiness?


I had a dream nights ago. I was in a huge house, owned by a wealthy family with only one child. I wasn't quite sure why I was in that house but I the conversation I had with the owner was intense.

The wife kinda looked down at me as my lifestyle wasn't up to her level. Just before I left the house, I expressed myself to the couple that "although I don't live in a luxury house like this, yet I'm so contented with the life I have now...you stay in such a huge house yet it's as empty as a lost soul"

Well, it ended something like that...

I woke up, trying very hard to remember my dream cause I usually don't. Or only bits and pieces. I had a lot of thinking.... what actually makes me happy? Getting a bag or myself? Shopping every weekend? Spending high tea at a classy hotel? They say "if money can't buy happiness, then they don't know where to spend it" or something like that. But then I thought about my kinda happiness.

Happiness is craving for ice cream or cendol on this crazy hot weather,

Happiness is watching dramas after work,

Happiness is having nonsense talk with friends every now and then,

Happiness is buying cheapskate clothes and brags about it,

Happiness is bragging about my cheapskate clothes and complain about the quality,

Happiness is spending money on cheap yet awesome food,

Happiness is..........spending cheap.

I witness people spending their 'richness' in the most lavish ways and I must say, I envy them. Then, I'm  also trying to learn how to appreciate my life, being average. I'm being too stingy to share my time on unnecessary lavishness. Is it just me...?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chocolaty Overload at Dip n Dip, Bangsar.


Another post about chocolate! I almost forgot how much I was addicted to a very high level of sweetness! =___= I used to eat quite a lot of chocolaty stuff but when I heard someone said that would cause even more cellulite, I stopped. Not completely, I still do take in chocolates every now and then but not as often as before. And not as sweet as before too.

Been wanting to try this place every since I saw the massive queue! And we went during the past weekend.......not packed at all. Major love. I ordered the Brownies crepe which the art on top was pretty awesome :). 

Very very very very veryyyyyy sweet. With all the chocolate you could find in it. Ooooo! I'll be back for variety. The menu seems inviting. Haha!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chocolate Fan - Level #100


Mr.A got me a box of chocolate some time ago. It's my first time looking at this brand and this packaging and this design. I just keep staring at it. Might as well share it here. HA HA.

It's called Willie's Cacao and this box has 5 different sub packaging which is totally different from the main box.o_O Of course then, 5 different chocolate bar from  different countries. If you notice the #1 picture, there is a square shaped paper. That is the map for the origin of each chocolate bar as well as an introduction of the owner on how he discovered the flavours. There are some other country bars that I don't have. *hint* LOL.

So far I've tested only one bar and it's legit. Price wise, i-don't-think-you-would-want-to-know or #justonceinalifetime. At least for me, I'm not fine with the price although the quality is there. Maybe for most people they are willing to spend on this...?

I think I'll just keep the boxes after I finished each and every one of them. Hehee! 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Than a BFF


I've always wanted a sister. But my parents didn't have another baby girl after me. I was blessed with a cousin baby instead heh. Her face is not so much of a stranger in my blog and I love her as much as I love my own sister (if I have one). Whenever I'm back to see her, I would literally ditch my parents and just hug and kiss her 24/7. Wtm...

She always knows what to say to people or when to say things,

knows how to smile to the camera,

knows how to pose for the camera,

fights back if necessary instead of weeping or wailing,

knows her fashion style well,

pick who she wants to talk to (as shy as I am),

knows how to give a hug (whenever I give a sad pout),

knows how to cover someone with a blanket,

knows how to demand for presents,

knows how to compliment people (only if she's given a compliment first....fair trade)

knows her teddy's name very well,

grabs my teddy away from me,

poke my teddy's eyes...,

knows how to pout her lips like a duck much better than I do,

She's a lot of things and she grows too fast and I sometimes worry about her, growing up. The people who would influence her, classmates who would not play with her, strangers who would kidnap her. All sorts of negative possibilities that would take her away from me.

I'm not done with her... I'm never gonna be done with her. And I don't want her to grow any faster. :(


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Crazy Best Friend For Life


This is a very looooooooooooooooooong week for me. My bff came all the way from Sabah for conference. We slipped in time to meet up during weekend and for the past few days. It's funny that after 18 years of friendship, this is THE first time we meet outside of Sabah wtm. Her mum is always worried about her whereabouts and I just.....can't do anything to persuade her mum XD

So since we had time, we explored Midvalley, 1Utama and Sunway Pyramid together. Most of the time we just chat and talk........a lot! So we didn't really have a lot of pictures. But at least we stored more great, funny and lovely memories together! Cheh..macam couple! XD

I brought her to try food that's not available in Sabah and glad that she loved them. She's not really a picky person so food wise was fine. Then she shopped quite a lot for formal clothes. Major shopping spree was getting a watch for her bf for Valentine's. We went into a number of shops and she looked and looked and looked....! Finally got a decent watch and I was relieved! :)

It was tiring, shopping, walking, driving around but totally worth it. Sorry if this is not a picture-only-post. We were too focused laughing and teasing and chatting all day that we forgot to snap pictures.

Be back soon! Bye!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Talking to a Stranger


I renewed my driving license after it was expired for 4 long months lol!. It wasn't intentional....until I saw the queue when I walked into JPJ back in Sabah. Horrible queue. Eventually I went again (PJ branch, though) and the queue was horrible too but not worst. It took me 2 hours to renew a card. Such a waste of time. Thank god it is a good looking card and renewal only happens once in 5 years.

When I was in the process, I had a 5 mins chat with the officer and that 5 mins chat made me wondering a lot about myself. The questions and statements that he made struck me a little..

"Why don't you continue?"

"If you know what you like, you must proceed 'til you get it"

"Age doesn't matter"

My response was just smiles and "yea....". A stranger actually encouraged me to pursue my dream job that I had long buried deep beyond the ground. He was right.. about chasing what I really like but I don't have the courage to take a step ahead. I'm not young any more, why would I go for it now? But then, I have the chance (maybe...) but at least I could try, right?

Oh... I heard Macy Gray's old song on the radio - I Try. Repeating it on YouTube at home.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Beauty Issue #1

I got this Little Love Potion set as I really need to try everything out first before I decide on using the products of their normal size. Another reason is, I seldom doll up for dates. =____= I just dislike REMOVING them. But I'll try to be more hardworking this year XD. So I've tried a couple of them and I love these:-

  1. Stay Don't Stray! I just fell in love with it as it easily covers my dark circles! Well, not 100% but so far this is the best concealar to cover up my really really dark circles. It's rare that I DON'T HAVE dark circles even if I slept well and drink lots of water during the day. It just wouldn't go away. But this it really awesome and easy to apply on too!
  2. It's Potent! An eye cream, used it to prep my eyes before anything else - eye primer, eye shadow etc. The good thing about it is it moisturises my eye area and I felt slight refreshed by the application. Not a huge difference but great start before the heavy make ups.

I'm gonna try the rest and write about it soon. :)


Friday, February 07, 2014



Each time I think of taking a 2 hours 35 mins flight back to my home is so annoying. But then, each flight I took was worth it. Family is very important, I get that. And don't question me "why would I stay in KL then?". As much as I wanted to go home, I chose not to..for personal reasons.

Going home this time was really fun and enjoyable. Lots of happy photos and less conflicts between relatives. The teenagers have grown into young adults and though, I must admit, there are communication gaps somewhere in between, yet I'm still delighted to see them making the effort to make this festive merrier.

#1 photo was me, my brother, sis-in-law and little cousin. I just love the look on all our faces. Very homey 

#2 photo was candid. I love this shot too. It's not a professional photo shoot and not taken with any professional DSLR or camera but I just love to stare at it. I'm always excited to play around with my little cheesy cousin. And she loooooves #selfies much more than I do. XD She looked at the photo and said "Why is my face like that?" Hahaa.. totally made my day!

#3 was food! Enormous amount of food! How can this festive celebrated with Italian or French cuisine portions! Chinese New Year is mainly served with HUGE PORTION of yummy food! And the main reason why I love to stay a little longer back home is for the home cook meals. It will always, alllllllways be the best meals ever.


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Things To Do in 2014

Hola! I'm back to KL, started working, with loads of work waiting to be done XD. It's pretty warm and stuffy in KL these days. I can't sleep well at night too. But I had a great week back in Sabah! It's Chinese New Year after all! People preparing for the huge festival - hair, clothes, nails etc. I, of course, spent time.... proly tooooooo much time on my hair. I finally had my first dip dye, after considering about it for a year now wtm. Though it didn't turn out as I expected.

I was so determined on getting my ends with bright purple but the hairstylist explained that. . . . . . . . which I don't really understand. I was soooo confused with whatever reason she gave so I pointed at pink instead *face palm*. I snapped a couple of my shocking pink hair photos but I restored my old apple itunes thingy and the photos were gone. HUGE MISTAKE and I hated my phone for 30mins. =__=

The first photo was after two washes and yea, bleaching really damages the hair. Then I bought a cheapskate purple dye and dyed my ends at home. Turned out I was pretty impressed (with both my skills and the outcome HA HA..). The last photo doesn't show my purple base which only lasted few days. It faded right after two washes. :(

Since my hair is pretty damaged, I tend to try as many colours as I can before I chop the ends off. Hehee! Oh.. and it's currently blue. Happened accidentally. WTM.. 

*scraping off my first wishlist in 2014!*