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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WOKMANIA, Newcastle Upon Tyne

this is Snapfax..a promotion card i guess for students to enjoy various types of discounts and money saving foods, haircare and optical productssince it expires at the end of October, G and i went to WOKMANIA in The Gatesit's a really huge place that fits at least 300 people in and it's the most worth it buffet so far i'd ever known [at least better than the ones in China Town]

only £3 pounds per person for ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!!!!walao eh..!! don't you want to grab some?!!???! super cheap and worth it ah!!
   too much choices @.@ seriously too much
    fish, noodles, rice, lamb, pork, chicken, vegetables, indian cruisine, soupssss, salads, chips etc etc!!
SUSHI~~~~ wfurofnleoipnvmdhzgap  SUSHI~~~~ >.<

my 1st round...aiyo, cat's food =.= 
   2nd round...can you spot the fish? it's really delicious and it's the 1st time i ate fish in Newcastle's buffet

  desserts from popcorn, ice cream, cakes, fruits, biscuits...! the ice cream is soft and WHITE!
   food-overloaded faces @.@
   vivian, G and Rachel
it's satisfying... *thumbs up*. . . bye. . . *buuuurp*


Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Asia, Newcastle Upon Tyne

eye [check]
clothes [check]
shoes [check]

and i went to. . . .


there were Ally, Nedra, V, G, Me and Osbert [he left after we arrived]

a lot of this prosperity cats just for decoration @.@ *meowwww*

a lot of Asian food in this menuAlly said the chef came from Penang, Malaysia

i ordered Stewed Pork with Vegetable Rice and honestly it was nice although it was not as good-looking as in the picture =.=

hehe..! yummy!!

again...close up....YUMMY!! *burp*

ABC with read bean and corn for my drink

there is this sauce, not knowing the name or the exact ingredients but it's a unique sauce to eat with noodles and rice

Ally's Blog @ HERE!!
she's toooooo full...because she drank too much coke =.=

Snoopy, V, G

Bottom: Ally and Nedra
Top: G and Snoopy

the funny part...we paid for our own food but then there were extra £2.50 and we cracked our head to solve this maths =.=*then we taught that it might be the cashier's mistake that he counted only 4 drinks instead of 5 and we were right♥because of this honest act, we were given free drink coupons before we left *LOL*

Little Asia with surprises :D


-extra scene-

it was my camera's 1st day out since i came back from Malaysia..time to wake up cammy!


Friday, October 23, 2009

DNA Separation

the weather today..does it look cold? it isn't actually..it's the HOTTEST day this weekwell...GOOD FRIDAYS as always (=

first day for my Project Research..as usual for final year students @.@

nervous but overall it was fun (=i asked permission for photographing my project from time to time so that i can blog it use some of it in my write up =P my supervisor was and is Derek, a very very nice supervisor

Derek said this is my present =.=
this was what's inside my present. . . . . QIAGEN kit yeay =.=

centrifuge used
centrifuge tubes - 40 of them @.@ 2 samples each week for different experimentsall of it were filled with REAL HUMAN BLOOD

anyway..my lecturer was very nice and patient with my questions [thanks Derek]when i went out for a break, eating Subway, looking at the notice board i saw this..

 ♥Donny Shannon, my personal tutor

i knew my personal tutor's profession was related to anatomy but i didn't expect this he is soooooo awesome! forensic and cranial anatomy, man!! *salute*

-extra scene-

i miss watching movies in cinema..!!!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


why do we need changes in our life?

let me think. . .

cause it's they way the world should be..?

from living in the cave to staying in bungalows, hunting for daily food to purchasing meals in supermarkets, from herbal leaves to chocolate ice creamsi guess all these changes made were beneficial for us, human, right?

why computer was produced? it's because human are too lazy to write these days =.=

from walking to cycling to driving to flying...these lotus-eaters just don't bother to take the old fashioned way anymore or because the world should be upgrading itself to be a better world?

well...you can keep your opinion for your own debate

i think changes do happen for men are too selfish and greedy that they keep doing evolutionary variations to "make life easier" but in fact did the Mr.Earth get enough breath to breathe or to even say STOP YOU'RE HURTING ME?

yes...the technology, food, transportation, communication might be much better than our grandparents edition but what about now? the next generation?who can stand up to the world and promise that it will be a better tomorrow?

sometimes...i hate changes that i saw.i really do.it's not that i'm not grateful to have a sweet car, cozy house, large screen laptop, nice shoes, new hand phones but there are certain factors that gets my nerves on...and gloomy as well

especially things that i really want to preserve well.very very well but it's a shame that the more i want it to be unscathed, the more it become shattered

and at the end...it's just me, me self and i 

me thinks



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meat-Cabbage-Tomato-Rice Ball

all of the sudden i was craving for SUSHIss...! >.< so bad that i can't get my rest as i'm having mild flu as well @.@ WONG ANGIE, u must have spread to me..! ~.~

since i can't have any sushis in UK due to the high cost and i don't have complete ingredients in the kitchen [only WASABI]. . .i made myself meat-cabbage-rice balls..! :D :D at least it can ease my cravings /.\

The Process: . . . 
  1. Chop chicken meat until it looked minced.
  2. Chop cabbage until bits as well. Mix both meat and cabbage [which makes it meat-cabbage]
  3. Smash one tomato into the mixture and mix them [turned into meat-cabbage-tomato]
  4. Add equal amount of cooked rice. [it's meat-cabbage-tomato-rice!]
  5. Spread amount of flavorings i.e belacan [which i used], prawn flavor from packets you can get from Maggee or Seri-Aji (=
  6. Using only egg white, roll the mixtures into little balls and ready them on a clean dry plate [my meat-cabbage-tomato-rice BALLS !!]
  7. Fry them with oils.
before frying
 TA DA..!!!! my sushi replacement..! doesn't look much difference after frying in pictures though

one thing that i did it the other way round is i did step 5 + step 7 together cause. . . .i forgot that step when i was doing it =.=

-extra scene-

i had monthly Family Dinner with my housemates and chaplain on 15 Oct 2009, the day i got my pay too..! :D


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bomb Threat

my first experience of BOMB THREAT in Northumbria University yesterday♥but it was not scary at all...for me because. . . .

we were in a class waited for the lecturer, Geofferywhom never ever been late to class to come at 1pm . NO, not once but then we kept waiting

but after 15 mins waited, one of the classmates said "The whole building was evacuated and we were the only ones in this bulding"i was. . . ."WHAT??" what happened??then Gayani, another classmate said there was a bomb threat in Ellisons Building and we were supposed to evacuate as well to Lipman Building and wait for further updates

what happened next? i went home to change and by the time i went back to V and G, the crowd was gone (= WE end up in Boots and Superdrug, discussing the potential placement for the bomb was in the CITY. . .in the dustbin =.=

eventually today...i was told that there was a bomb threat call that cause the chaos and securities were evacuating the whole building but obviously not good enough cause WE were still in that building. . .IN PEACEthe securicors were not familiar with the building's structure i guess that failed to clear up the "whole" building and making sure no one was in tha building

so yea...that's the whole story about the bomb threat yesterdaychao~


This Is It

yea people...you knew itTHIS IS IT!!

R.I.P again MJ..


Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Pounds Voucher

one of THE THING when it comes to shopping..who doesn't love vouchers that let you buy more yet pay less?yes.....we all love vouchers

so Boots.UK is giving out vouchers when you buy various products included in these promotions

 ♥you can get this from Boots UK

 ♥i was happy to get this voucher cause i can pay 5pounds less for No.7 or Ruby Millie items on my next purchase but then, after i got myself a No.7 primer the cashier gave me another 5pounds voucher @.@

~.~ i think this is the old fashioned way of cheating old ah ma-ss, young kids , adults and  also myself to buy, get vouchers, buy again get vouchers again..buy again again get vouchers again again.......so my points is...don't be so happy about the vouchers =.=


Friday, October 09, 2009


don't know what was in my mind yesterday that i became super clumsy at workbroke a pint of glass, didn't get what customer wanted, filled in 2 pints of Carlsberg when customer wanted Guiness @.@

everything was fucked upi'm little nervous for tomorrow's first night at Habita cause it's the busiest bar among the four and erm.....no mistakes please!especially in front of managers and supervisors..! >.<


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Work Done!

i got my old posts done at last...! phew~~~~!brief about my journey back to Newcastle...

i cancelled my AirAsia return ticket and booked Emirates cause my school started on 21/09/09 and i don't want to miss the first week after i missed the welcome week plus induction )=moved into the Chaplaincy and unpacked my stuffs...with G & V's help

after 3 weeks of lectures, i find FINAL YEAR is unexpectedly difficult and sometimes i doubt i can go through this yearpray more...pray more

just celebrated my 22nd birthday with Satay which falled on Mooncake Festical as well (=had Kit, Ah Hwa, Satay, Roy came from other town THANKS FOLKS!sad thing happened on my 03/10 when Coffee said i'm not his coffee anymore...i was in Wilkinsons and my tears really almost fall but i managed to distract myself with. . . . .CHOCOLATES =.=but then we made things up and we're cool now (=

my job is great..haven't met nasty colleagues yet and hopefully won't

last thing before i sign out is i changed my blog's skin to a soft coloured one...sweet!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

my first time watching Greek movie was a comedy and THANK GOD it's worth it for that watch..!

this is one of the funny scences i must share in case you haven't watch this movie >.<



Sunday, October 04, 2009

22nd Blast

it was my 22nd birthday, 2nd year celebrating in UK and it was great..!had few friends from Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle of course for dinner then headed to Liquid

further elaboration by captures.. (=

mmkay...very blur =.=
   haha! random shot! but birthday boy is not random @.@
    birthday girl and birthday boy

my dinner! something something lamb shank.. *slurrrrps*
    handmade cake by Osbert! thanks! it's delicious..!
    presents received (= feels cozy
    present from Nedra
    snoopy from Kit and key chain from Ah Hwa

there are lot more pictures but not with me yet..but i guess you can feel the blessings i got from lovely people (=