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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hawaii Shopping Haul


How can I miss any shopping hauls from my trip, right? Hahahaaa..! So I signed up for USA's Sephora membership card. Their promotions are definitely more attractive and they have little tiny gifts from time to time too. I'll be using it soon, hopefully :) 

Sephora - I bought a limited edition Little Love Potions, A Little Bit Bad Gal Mascara and They Are Real Mascara from Benefit, Sephora's Eyeshadow Mini Palette, Urban Decay's Primer, Stila's Liquid Eyeliner and Too Faced's Eye Shadow Palette which comes with an iPhone5/5s casing (super mad cute!). The price are definitely cheaper than Malaysia's Sephora (duhh) so I didn't mind grabbing what I want into my basket. The main point wasn't the price, it was the size. I don't put on make up a lot so getting myself a full make up product - from foundation to eye liner to blushes etc is just a waste of my moolah. So when I saw all these mini sizes of products, I just didn't hesitate to GET IT!

OPI/ China Glaze - I found this asian shop that sell manicure/pedicure products and their nail polishes were having a major sale!!! I have been wanting my own set of nail polish but the prices in Malaysia (even online) are super duper massively expensive!! Imagine in this shop each OPI only cost me RM18!! RM18!! RM18!!!! And China Glaze too! Each time I look at the photo I will say "Shyt, this is too little, I need moreeeee!!!!" Oh well.... Maybe next trip :)

Waikele Outlet - Shopped at Waikele's Bebe. And it only cost me $100 for all 5 items. Dirt cheap. Imagine shopping on Black Friday. Damn................. Went to COACH and MK as well but those are for souvenirs.

Last but not least, I shopped for snacks! Hawaii is well known for macadamia nuts so, how would I skip that? From macadamia chocolates to honey roasted nuts to dry roasted nuts. Phew.. too much to choose! Bought a couple of M&M's too. I think peanut butter and pretzel flavor is not available in Malaysia hence I grabbed a lot. Hahahah wtm... CIGARETTE IS NOT FOR ME.

And that is 90% of my shopping haul from Hawaii. Should have brought more dollars. Heh...


Monday, December 23, 2013

Honolulu, Hawaii


My Hawaii trip was a very simple one. Dolphins, beaches and Hawaiian pizzas wasn't in the itinerary so what actually left to do was only snapping photos and......snapping more photos?? Most of my time spent on shopping and walking around the city. 

The thing I love most is the safety. When all the aunties and uncles were partying, eating, having fun during the dinner party, I felt bored and went out for a walk.....alone. Sibeh terror. As far as I'm concern, I would only worry about pick pockets. Alaaa..nothing serious lah tu ( compared to my Malaysia truly Asia, this is just a 'peanut' thing). Fresh air, nice views, clean city. The people are friendly too! And most of them are tanned! LOL I just don't know why I find it funny. It's so different watching tanned people on tv and in real person wtm....

On our first night upon arrival to Hawaii, we had dinner in Hard Rock Cafe, Honolulu. The decor was pretty impressive with loadsss and loadsss of different guitars hung across the restaurant. Then we visited the Kualoa Ranch, the movie locations for Jurassic Park,  saw a couple of Godzilla's footprints (HAHA!), Lost and more. Such a turn off to see the real setting when the movies showed a totally different effect of the scene (the reason why I fail to be a director or anything near to movie production, period). The settings in the movies are so darn awesome but the real place, urgh gawd, Can use my home's backyard loh.. The place is huge and there are a lot more activities you can have in Kualoa Ranch but since my tour guide didn't give us more time, we only could make a simple tour. 

Other than that, we had dinner on a cruise on one of the nights. Entertained by Hawaiian dances and a little culture lesson while eating and sipping wine - superb. We witnessed the sunset view too. It was simply pretty! And not to miss out the USS Arizona Memorial to get a look on the ship which sank in 1941. Very historical. Wasn't really impressed with the food that was prepared to us throughout the trip but I think if I had the chance to dig more oh Hawaii, I would definitely came back with a huge belly!!

I feel like there are things I haven't pen down but I can't remember what are they (Alzheimer attack... WTM) so I'll leave it here for now. :) Hang loose!!!!!!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Week before Christmas

Friend's wedding dinner


I'm currently in Raub, Pahang for my company's meeting. Will write again soon! So excited about Christmas and New Year and resolutions and everything forward!!!!


Monday, December 16, 2013

BGR - Love and Dating

He did everything to impress her,
Good night calls,
Romantic dinners etc...

She fell for him,
Hoping that everything will be as sweet at it is,
Missing him everyday,
Imaginary butterflies around the head.......or tummy,

He and she started dating,

3 months later,
Everything is so blur..

Google "What is love" and you will find plenty of definitions and quotes and sayings about it but in the end, every single person would have his/her own definition of what love is.

Couples started dating - everything in the world is sweeter than candies. They will be smiling together and giggling alone when they are apart. The world turns like nobody's business and every moment is a fairytale. Fireworks sparking in the air and rainbows appearing everywhere! Ahh.. things they do when they are sweetly in love. Who doesn't love this stage?

Then without realizing it, the relationship tastes a little off from they way it was... Or should be. It tastes like..........lemon. Yes, it's called relationship turned sour. She begins to wonder what is wrong, he starts to think what will happen next. Arguments ignites every now and then. She is full with hatred, he is filled with anger. Both refuses to give in.

And eventually holding each other's hand never felt any bitter than ever. Ignoring phone calls, tears all over the pillow and initiating a war. A cold war. He and she are both getting tired day after day. Some didn't know what to do, some didn't want to confront the issue, some....too the easy way out.

But there are some who hold on to their lover's hand, holding it tight enough to never let them go. To give it another try, a chance, a new start. They learnt from mistakes, and try their best to never make the same offence. All of the sudden, the relationship is getting hotter than ever! Keeping the flame alive and long lasting. Promising one another the future plans and the next thousand years together.

the emo writer

And that is what love is to me.

P/S Just my own opinion.


Monday, December 09, 2013

Seoul, Korea

Annyeong haseyo! My final trip for this year was to Hawaii! But the flight had to transit via Korea for a day so I got the chance to explore Korea just a very tiny bit. The tour brought us to a 'place' (haha! sorry I don't know what place is that but it's just 15mins from Incheon airport) where we had our lunch and then we were allowed to snap some photos with their costume on.. 

It is winter now in Korea so the weather wasn't sunny but the trees are as pretty. The rest of the pictures are the snaps I got while exploring the streets. Last but not least, I found out there is a Charlie Brown Cafe in Incheon Airport! WTM!! I didn't know about it when I arrived the airport. It was only when I was catching my flight back to Malaysia then I passed by this cafe! >.< Didn't have much time to take a sip so I just snap a few shots. :( There is Helly Kitty store as well, just further down Charlie Brown's cafe..

My impression towards Korea is.... I don't like it. Not because of the weather however, it was because of the people. Maybe it's their culture, or their personality, I don't know. The people are unfriendly (seriously it's not just me) and sometimes rude. Once they know you don't speak Korean or not a Korean at all, they will stare with this horrible face like you owe them a shyt. Or they will talk to you without looking AT you. ..? It's so much different from the Korean dramas that teens are crazying about.. totally-insanely-honestly. Probably only 40% of Koreans will be nice to you ( I assume their partner are not Koreans) and when you find these 40% of people, you'll cry of relief, knowing that not everybody 'HATES' you.

And another good example was.... I was on the plane and sitting at the isle seat. So this Korean couple came and waited for me to stand and let them in. My pillow fell on the ground and the Korean girl just KICKED IT AWAY. 'Nough said, mmkaythanxcibaikia.

For once and for all....,





Sunday, December 01, 2013

1Utama Wonder Food Adventure


On 16th November 2013, I joined the 1Utama Wonder Food adventure along with other 49 bloggers! 1Utama came up with the ONECARD Wonder Food Promotion and I guess loads of people had been participating in it. So this event's main agenda is to explore 1Utama's Food Street which offers a variety of local favourite delights! 

We bloggers were given the privilege to hop on and off the selected restaurants and try out their food (optional). Basically my task that day was to visit the compulsory restaurants highlighted in PINK on my given passport along with 10 other restaurants - which was optional. Oh! And the task was to be done in 5 hours (11am - 4pm)

The participating outlets for the Wonder Food Adventure are as below:-

1. SS2 Goreng Pisang
2. Ninja Joe
3. Seaweed Club
4. I Love Yoo
5. Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo
6. Oyster King
7. Bisou
8. Mr Cendol
9. Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
10. Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

1. Lammeeya
2. BBQ Chicken
3. Food Box
4. Vivo American Pizza and Panini

Sooo excited to hop on restaurants! Yippie! *backpacking and pictures rolling*

Event card
Passport for the task