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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Pie Thing for Supper


Managed to try out A Pie Thing a week ago with Ms J. Too bad I didn't get to try the Lamb pie. I' going back again for sure. Lamb oh lamb, please don't leave me so soon! Oh and I miss my purple hair already! >.<


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beauty Issue #7 - Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon by Natta Cosme


I'm into lip beauty products lately as it's very convenient for a lazy person to put on make ups. Just a lip balm will do the magic! This time round, Natta Cosme sent me two samples of Miss Hana Natural-Born Lip Balm Crayon to try on! When I opened the box, I looked at the lip balms and thought "It really do look like crayons!" LOL WTM. Natta Cosme even sent a small pack of Faber-Castell crayons to write a message on a postcard (which I'll be sending it back to them). Cutie!

So these are the two lip balm crayons - Moulin Rouge Diva and Purple Sakura Season. The first one is more towards coral colour while the latter is a pinkish colour. Very girly and attractive packaging. You can even buy it as a gift for your closed ones.

My verdict is these lip balms are very moisturising to the lips. I purposely applied it on my cracked lips when I tried the Moulin Rouge Diva and I found my lips looked better after a while. I've always love coral-ish lipsticks/balms and thanks to Natta Cosme for sending me such gorgeous colours! Not really a pink fan but I kinda love this Purple Sakura Season on my lips. Heh. Looks soft and I had been using this colour whenever my outfits are towards soft and girly type too. Oh! And they smell really good too! Such a pleasant smell to put on my lips when I don't have any mint with me!

One thing I would advise girls is if you're going to a beach or somewhere windy, this won't be suitable as the balm might be kissing your hair too much due to the moisturising feature. Indoors, date night in a fancy restaurant or hangouts at cafes will be fine. Who likes being seen "eating" hair, right?

Photo credit to Natta Cosme

So, if you girls are going to purchase these cutie lipbalms, don't forget to include the coupon code MHSHARP to get a free sharpener! Promotion ends on 15/10/2014! Grab yours today! Happy shopping girls! Visit their store with the links provided below!

Website Natta Cosme

Million thanks to Natta Cosme for the samples again! *hugs and kisses*


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Better Place in 2014


As some of you might know, I've switch job again. And it's pretty much predictable to where I'm working now.

Just to let you know. Hah!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9.9 - The Birthday Girl


Last night was a great night, with a great date. It's an easy date to remember someone's birthday. Hahaa.. So the pictures above are of me and the gepochi birthday girl. We went out for dinner at Robata Monkey in Jaya One with a few of us. It wasn't really a fancy dinner nor it was a huge celebration. Just a few regular us having happy meal. :)

But we were too hungry and busy ordering that we forgot to snap some pictures of us. And I manages to snap a picture of the least favourite dish of the night *idiot mode on*. All the images above are selfies I took while hanging out with this crazy woman. LOL.

For her pressie, we surprised her with a set of Jet Setter Travel Kit too from my Victoria's Secret haul HERE . Hehe!

Happy millions birthday Sam Sam!
Selamat Hari Jadi!
生日快乐!(I didn't google this ah!)
Wish you happy and healthy until forever!! Hehehe!!

Ou... Not sure if the video I attached is going to work.


Monday, September 08, 2014

August Splurge and Love


This is kinda late since it's already the second week of September but not too late, right? LOL! Last month's splurge and love was so awesome because it's literally SNOOPY-themed! It was like all of the sudden the stores are selling loads of snoopy-collaborated clothings and stuffs! So I'll start with August Loves!

Vans Vault x Peanuts Snoopy shoes - The last time I got a pair of Snoopy shoes/sneakers was around 5 years back..? I was walking around one of the malls in Melaka (can't remember the name LOL) and I saw this pair of white with pink snoopy shoes. I didn't hesitate to buy right after they got me my size. It's not easy to look for Snoopy shoes and I'm so happy when I saw Vans is collaborating with Peanuts! However, it only comes in white for adults. If you stumble upon their store or Instagram, kid's version are much cuter! Oh well.. I'm still satisfied with mine. Heh!

Peanuts Fall/Winter Dress  - Anyone who loves to shop in Zara would have noticed this! Another surprised I got when I was walking around the women's section and saw this dress! Luckily they have my size too! It's under Zara Trafaluc Fall/Winter T Shirts Collection. Only in dark blue and in good quality.

For my splurge, I got a Peanuts Snoopy Sweater from the same collection as my Snoopy dress. Hahahaha! Mr.A said he'll sponsor me the dress so I got the sweater on my own. XD Great deal there! I've only worn the shoes to work. I might be doing some ootd for the sweater and dress soon! If I am not lazy!


Saturday, September 06, 2014

Valiram Greatest Hits Sale - Victoria's Secret Haul

Photo Credit to Valiram Group Malaysia


I believe there are tons of Victoria's Secret's fans out there who knows about this sale! I heard it over the radio and googled the details. It was organized by Valiram Group, called the Greatest Hits Sale! So on thursday after work, I went to The Westin Hotel with a friend of mine (both soon-to-be-VS-shopaholics LOL)

I have been wanting Victoria's Secret's Bombshell perfume ever since I finished my mini bottle (a gift from a friend) but the stores were selling only the normal size bottles. Yet I got one Bombshell set in normal size which comes with a handy pouch since it's on sale. Super cute and simple! But I think I'm going to give that pouch to someone. I've too much pouches sitting on my cupboard.

Then, I was hoping to get a travel set because it's very very cute and convenient to bring around in my handbag. I was so excited when I found one here! It's in the Jet Setter Travel Kit. The exact mini bottle of Bombshell perfume! Madly in love! It comes along with a Sleeping Eye Mask, Lip balm, Brightening Gel Cream and a Hand Treatment. Happy!

My friend and I wasn't really satisfied with the few things we had in hand so we macro-shopped another round! LOL WTM! I got a set of Victoria's Secret's Love Spell with Body Mist, Lotion and Body Wash. I got this because of the purple pouch. Meh.. Might be giving it out as a gift or maybe use it on my own. Hahah!

Last but not least, who will walk away without any Victoria's Secret's underwear!? Too bad there wasn't any bras for sale but underwear will be fine! It was 5 for RM79 so, eyes closed and just grab!

The staffs were helpful and friendly. Nothing much to complain about the sale. The crowd was pretty heavy and everybody was hands full. There were other brands e.g. Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade etc but the products wasn't attractive to me. I'm super glad with my purchases! Anyone else went there?


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Short Stay at Dreamz Bakery, Kota Damansara


I was and is going to fully utilise my last two weeks before I was back to becoming a working ant again. By then, I'm not sure I actually will have the energy for writing. :( For now, let's enjoy the moment. A friend is working in Kota Damansara and after lunch with her, we had nowhere to go. She suggested this place - Dreamz Bakery.

Upon arrival, we eyed on everything little thing in their store. Full with handmade art works, childhood gums and cookies, cute little decorations all over the bakery store. So fun to look at. :D I only ordered Dark Secret cake to try out and I love it. Fresh, great taste and texture. It's just really rare to get fresh cake these days though there are a lot of cafes around. Maybe it's because they are a bakery store (duuuh).


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

[EVENT] - Be Pimple Free with Himalaya Neem Range

The New Release Facial Range
Explanation and trying out raw neem
Overall blogger's artwork
Two prizes for story telling session (not the food XD)
Photo credit to Jenny Ma


I had fun participating The Butterfly Project for Himalaya New Range Product Gathering! Yet more fun acknowledging their new range of healthcare products. The event was held in Fuwa Fuwa, Jaya One with other 11 bloggers attended. Himalaya staffs were super friendly and funny so as everybody else.

We were given a little introduction on neem and turmeric being used widely in India to preserve acne-free and perfect skin texture condition. Most of us tried hands on with their new range of products and we could really see the results. I personally haven't got the chance to try it on my face with their generous freebies as I have another facial product on 'trial'. Hah. But hopefully by end of this month I'll be able to try it on. :)

Our activities that day included decorating our cookies with our own creativities along with a story behind the finished product. Prizes were given to the Best Story Telling and also Most Creative Cookies. I got one for the story telling part (Didn't do well in art classes during school time) but it was fun. All the girls took turn in telling their own story and presenting their artwork. Heh! Himalaya was very nice to provide us with lunch too! :)

So from the first picture, the products showed were:-

1. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash (RM27.90 for 150ml, RM16.90 for 100ml)
2. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Scrub (RM27.90 for 150ml)
3. Himalaya Neem Face Pack (RM 27.90 for 150ml)
4. Deep CLeansing Astrigent Lotion (RM27.90 for 200ml)
5. Himalaya Protecting Neem & Tumeric Body Wash (RM22.90 for 400ml, RM13.90 for 200ml)
6. Himalaya Nem & Almond Protecting Lotion
7. Himalaya Neem & Tumeric Soap
8. Himalaya Neem Caps
9. Himalaya Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash
10. Himalaya Dental Cream Toothpaste

All Himalaya products are available at most drugstores and in affordable price too. Why not give it a try?

Thank you very much for both The Butterfly Project and Himalya team for this event! Visit the pages below for more info.