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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Bee

Hola! It's the last month of the third quarter! It's been a wild period of time, not to mention the Power of Laziness came. HA HA.

Anyways, I went back to Land Below The Wind after uh..... 6 months. And then to Penang for an overnight trip and back to KL. Gee... quite a plan there. :))

Let's roll people. First up, fun I had in KK.

Breakfast with The Brat.

Celebrated Hari Raya. Wee~

Shopping, shopping and more shopping..

Messed with mum's glasses

Cam-whoring partner
1. Sometimes, when I get bored.
2. Relaxing sky
3. Welcome baby!
4. Happy Choco!

Next up, pics from Penang. Not a lot though.. We were all busy.....eating. ;)

Went up to Penang Hill. I love it. It was cozy and breezy there

This was from Quay Side. Heh.

TA DA! My fav place of all!

A couple of drinks for company

Snoopy vs Snoopy

Back to KL, no time to rest :(
Meet The Cha Bo.

Meet another Cha Bo for Japanese lunch

Sushi Tei

Hah! The Power of Escalator. Saw these kind of couples a few times in A DAY.

Then, my brother and in law came over for few days. Hectic!
Instax moment

Birthday dinners in between! More hectic!

Had dinner at New York New York Deli, 1U

Another cutie's birthday on 09/09! And also The Best Photographer of The Year... with INVERTED COMAS. HAHAHAHA!
I wish! I wish! I wish wish wish! LOL!

September is a good start for me. I know it's a lil' late but as they always say, "It's never too late" right? I'm making a change.. for the people I love and cares about me. Good luck and fingers cross!

Til then, sleep tight!