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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chocolatier Belgium 2010

i should have been punished for leaving my blog this long! it sucks, really...i'm toooo lazy like....reaaaaally lazy

so this belated post is about Belgium...an European country famously known for the fine, delicious chocolates and waffles

3days and 2 nights in Belgium! wee~~!!! but the 1st day we arrived was already quite dark so....wasted *shrugs*

so let's move on to the pictures, shall we...? X) 

So this was Day 2 in Belgium~!
welcome to Belgium by Eurostar...the train was quite, neat, spacious and comfortable *thumbs up

train station..it's really huge and i'm impressed

maps around Belgium made by locals..it's cute and quite useful...there's a lot of informations about where locals hang out and most common places they will be at it's an interesting map indeed~

a restaurant named Thai Wok which in Hakka language means big trouble -___-

factory manufactured waffles....heh!

i brought my mum down to Brussels (cause our hostel is in Antwerp) and did some shopping :)  it was a wonderful day

busy street..i guess this is something like high street shops

had Teriyaki chicken with rice in City 2 shopping mall and walk around a bit

Disney chocolate in box from Leonidas, one of Belgium famous chocolate stores

can get it in package as well :)

stalls selling tons of accessories @.@

it's time to try out these waffles..!!


my half banana-half strawberry-whipped cream-chocolate sauce top waffle! *pheew*

mime artist...thank god she's siting down

another side of the street

loads of biscuits in this shop...seriously, LOOOOOAAAAADDDDSSS~~!!!!

oooo...freshly made biscuits! argh~!!


chocolates~ chocolates~!

my mum's fav -__________-  lace and handicraft shop

we walked along the street and reached The Grand' Place, one of the beautiful town in Europe as people said..but indeed, beautiful as eyes seen♥ Grand Place is in a square shape and surrounded by few old valuable buildings

lots of humans~! the one on the left is The Guild Houses

this is the Town Hall :)

this is the King's House ;)


the famous Golden Statue locals said that whoever touches this statue will have good luck! and i only touched the doggie next to it's feet! @.@

the one sitting down is real human...hahah!!

lots of waffle shops...! XD

even 1 euro waffles!

Manneken Pis...yes! it's small and why everyone wants to see him!?!? hahahah!! but it's the statue of Brussels :)

that was the end of our journey for the day~!

on our train back to Antwerp and surprisingly this train is in PINK..!

heh! i bought the Mickey chocolate~~ and.............
SNOOPY underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~!!

Day 3 in Belgium~!

Aunt NiNi and my mum! best friend gile in Belgium -_____________- they got to k new each other from the same hostel we lived in...mum loves to ask people (whom she wonder is they are Asians) the same question..

went to the market in the city o f Antwerp

this stalls' nougat was awesomely fresh and yummy~!! and expensive too =.=*

other pastries

nougats from different stall...lots of flavors *drooooling*


huskies....maybe one of them belongs to Cheesie :X oopsie! kiddin!

forgot what Cathedral is it....FAIL!

i just love these shops and cafes...they look relaxing. :)


quiet street


kisses from the mother :*

come you bully bull...come let's fight...c'mon! look at me~! ~"~

there was a marathon i guess going on that day so some of the main roads were blocked...my mum and her friends were busy discussing about few topics...

*which man to pick as temporary boyfriend

*which man has the biggest dick

*which guy is sexy

-_________________- yea i know...old laydays (no eye see)

hand-made craft needs more than a year to complete @.@

music band to support the runners

uncle Don at the back...really nice guy,serious

my mums' new friends

uncle Don brought us around Antwerp cause he has been living there for YEAAARS and obviously he's more familiar than all of us

oh?! we reached the central station o_O

mum was craving for Chinese food and she was complaining to her newly-known friends thank God they were super kind to spend my mum and I to dine..in a Chinese restaurant!

Tofu and Veg in Hot Pot

Pak Choi in garlic

something something Spare Ribs =.=  food intro FAIL *deng*

Sweet and Sour Pork

thanks for the treat!! it was a lovely meal! weeee~~ after all, it's freeeeee~!!

uncle Don, aunt NiNi sent my mum and I to the central station and aunt NiNi went back to the hostel uncle Don accompanied us to kill our time before we depart to the next stop, Amterdam :)

we were really lucky to know aunt Nini from the hostel we lived in together cause from her, we get to know more wonderful and amazing friends - uncle Mike, uncle Don and aunt Elly it's damn hard to get such friends where you can click in one second and who are willing to help you, treat you a meal in a day! it's like meeting good Samaritans! and i learn a lot listening from their experience as well...extra credit for my trip!

i got myself Chocolate Mint, either Mocha or Chocolate and Cherry nougats..! the peanuts nougat belongs to my mum

overall, Belgium is worth my time and moolah it's a nice place to sit back and relax, take a sip of Margarita, read a paper etc however, i don't fancy the waffles much..i still prefer those in Barcelona..that was super yummy...! irresistible! i didn't get the chance to visit Ghent and Bruges >.< gotta earn my own money and fly over for another round then

my next destination will be Amsterdam, Netherlands! *pop out eyes* so stay putt! see ya!