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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ying Jie Pan Mian, Lintas KK


i tried once and i'm looooving it! very much! this Pan Mian restaurant has a small place to dine in but you'll get a place if you go at the right time *wink*

comes in a bowl at RM4.00
pan mian, anchovies, fried garlic, shui jiao, some meat and veg
really cheap nuh! >.< and yummy some more! where to get this kind of food? want to franchise also cannot eh!

also from the same restaurant, an auntie has this home-made chicken legs..oh mai gutt! it's really yummy!i'm not sure what the best chicken legs taste like as i'm not really a chicken leg fan but this really melted my legs!
small bowl at RM3.50, big bowls RM5.00 (kalau tak silap hehe) the sauce it just perfect!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closing Movie of The Year


the must watch Avatar about humans versus Na'vi for a distinct unobtanium in Pandora

watched it twice and this movie is really original, interesting and blue~~~  Na'vi look cute with the Chinese tocang mixed with alien ears and gigantic physical appearance..totally epic!

i do watch the cartoon, the botak botak one on tv hahk! but this is like the opposite of it..

the only thing that doesn't make sense if the nearly ending part where the Colonel fight with JakeJake was holding a huge knife versus Colonel with huge robotic machine on c'mon...how can a Na'vi fight with a knife can hold on so long with that assy robot? yes Na'vi are large physically but not as strong as robots gua? seriously?

the must watch movie of the year

next on is Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 - The Squeakquel. It's funny but not very interesting..i don't feel like there's an Ooomph in this movie...3 more Chippettes just the way it should be..nothing new than their cartoons...except for the songs (=

sometimes i hate to hear their "nyea nyea nyea" high pitched voices though it sounds cute in the movie

but still, worth the penny!

nyea nyea nyea!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

JJ Western Food, Damai KK


my 2nd uncle said he wanted to treat me a dinner since i won't be back for Chinese New Year so we all had dinner at JJ Western Food, Damai KK

Mixed Grill - Pork, Chicken and Lamb with black pepper sauce for me!
disappointment...it's not as good as it looks the chewiness was not up to the standard yet and the sauce....not peppered enough


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Grandma is Da Boss


hahah! had dinner with grandma at Yu Hing, City Mall Kota Kinabalu

na na na...before you even comment bout it...i must say after my dad mentioned the name of this restaurant then i realized i took this picture without the "Yu"hehe speechless leh..i never learn mandarin ma, what do you expect? o_O and why on earth they don't get the "Yu" fixed ~.~

hi granny!

granny said: don't take my picture! i'm not pretty now! haha! hilarious!

hot pot seafood

fried egg with pork

img border="0" height="300" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_tC1YJ6G_1FI/S0pVS9L7UHI/AAAAAAAABIc/MqpmeOv5R3s/s400/DSC01734.JPG" width="400" />
Choy Sum with fish i think it's too watery

pork ribs (fave fave!) it's all mine! mine! miiiiiiiiiineeeeee~~~~

daddy i know i know...you're still hungry *LOL*

tu belakang gepoh...hmph

stuffed but wanted more (=

the food was enjoyable..8/10 i can say and it's worth coming back again some other time

have you seen a pineapple that bear pears, grapes, strawberries, mangoes as well as laichees???

haven't? me too!! it's a new technology that combines all these fruits together in one..! now you can have 5 in 1 pineapple!!! 

just kiddin' !!!  it's all jellies..! my grandma bought one because it's adorable


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guo Dong Dinner


first Guo Dong post (=

it's more to a family gathering thing so i don't really snap much but it was a funny, nice and foody night (nom nom nom...)

all hand cooked by my lovely Aunt Dolly!!
from left: 2nd uncle from my dad's family, cousin, dad and mum

story behind - Coffee was playing his game while little Momo was stamping on his spitted-out-watermelon like stamping on a cockroach after Coffee don't let him look at his game *self entertaining* =.=
Super Boy, said my mum...
ultraman in pose

ishh...my mum ni..ask ppl to do these poses for fun =.= tsk tsk tsk poor Uut

ma mum
home video (=


Monday, December 21, 2009

Instant Tawau


went back to Tawau for only 2 days so...not much of fun and activities

below were pictures of my first dinner with my dad in Ambar Park, Jalan Kuhara

all time fav..chicken wing
crave for Spring Onion Deer Meat
the must eat.. Shui Gao (boiled dumplings)
shui gao always come along with this Wo Tiek (fried dumplings) like twins (=
so called Duck Fish? my dad said this fish and duck look alike o_O

Chocolate Factory, RM6.50..can't remember the name of the cafe..something ice cube or whatever.. but not enough of chocolaty taste )=

Mayonnaise Fries from the same cafe..not bad

the next day i had brunch with my BFFs
 famous Tawau Sang Nyuk Mien! (Raw Meat Noodle) from RM4.50..it's not raw meat and don't ask me why it's named like that..just eat it (=
visited my BFF's nephew..Emmerse (i hope it doesn't mean BIG EYESSSSS)

and for dinner with my dad. we had...

  all time fav..Sweet and Sour Fish
my dad's fav...Pork Feet
soup of the night.. Chicken Soup?

i went for a road trip to KK the next day and before i left, i managed to get a shot of this..
April Fool 2009...i never knew this game was for april fool =.=


You're So Not Invited


look what i get after i got back from UK...
pain in the eye..hate it to the max ~.~

i must post this as HUGE as possible...zit zit zit zit~
zit all over my cheeks..! >.<
of course...dry skin cause my parents sleeps in an air-con room /.\


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Dinner #2


Prepared by Mia Fox
Date: 13th Dec 2009
Venue: Home (=

preps by Mia and Nedra (=
Prawn Cocktail for starter
main course  


*Chicken stuffed with Ham
*Prepared salad
*Home made mushrooms
*Roma tomatoes
*Mashed potatoes

ishh...shouldn't blog about food during hungry moments >.<*

for wine lovers...try this it's really nice with berry taste

Dessert..chocolate pudding with brandy sauce

seriously..? i don't like it *shivers* the moment i put it in my mouth my taste buds cried out YUCK!

but overall the meal was lovely~~ thanks Mia! *wink*