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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shimino Japanese Crepe

AARGGHHHHH~~! I found myself a guilty pleasure! It's Shimino Japanese Crepe~! FAT FAT FAT! EFF EH TEE~!!!!! But my mouth couldn't resist =______= 

First time having this crepe was in One Utama, next to the cinema. Saw this colourful and attractive dessert booth. *sluuurpssss*

cute no? 

There are quite a lot of different varieties to choose depending on your favourite flavour. They have a range from mango to pineapple to matcha to kiwi to nuts and many more! *breathe out*

So my first try was crepe A. Mixed flakes, Ice cream and chocolate topping 

Marvelously awesome!! If you're not a sweet tooth person, DO NOT TRY THIS cause I'm sure you'll have bad comments about it.

Chocolate ice cream...of course (:

I loved it, I'm loving it, I love it! 

Tsk tsk tsk....makan sajer tau..

Realized that they have a branch in Times Square (and later on Pavillion, Ikano, 1U) and I had one again a week after my first!

Times Square branch. Cute mini van

Same selection of varieties. This time I tried

Japanese map and don't know who is that girl. =_______=

The mini van was nicely decorated. I don't know to say I'm easily attracted or I'm very easily attracted to brilliant colors. Hmmm...

Yeap! Mine's here! 

this is the Red Bean with Matcha...something like that..LOL

Slightly closer look. I don't really like this crepe cause the matcha is actually cream instead of real matcha ice cream. The red bean was okay but i just didn't fancy the cream. *buek*

Hmph...makan lagi..?

Then, *ehem hem* I had another one back in 1U few days ago while hanging out with Elwyn :O

Ordered crepe F. It's Fresh Mango with Honey topping..but i added Chocolate ice cream. nyeh heh heh~

Love the combinations of the color! This is quite nice (:


DANG! Makan lagi!!! T_________________T*

Hehk! So there are a couple of branches of Shimino Japanese crepe in KL - Pavilion, Times Square,Ikano and 1U. I think they are going to open some more branches. (:

I love this for the sweetness, the colors and the presentation . The price varies from RM6.90 to RM9.90 depending on your selection of crepe and add ons. You might not like ALL of the flavors, for example i don't like pineapples so I wouldn't go for it. For those who haven't try it, please do try it, someday. But please do tag me along cause just in case..who knows...you might not like it..? It'll go into my stomach. Thank you very muchie. (: 



Isaac Tan said...

the crepes looks really nice indeed. :)

Qi Wen said...

wah, you can go super crazy when you love a food.. From Starbucks to Japanese Crepe! *salute* nice nice :)

♥snoopy♥ said...

isaac - yea...it is..depending on which one tho (:

qi wen - hahahaa! xcoz thy r really nice oh.... XDDD

GG said...

Mmmm..... looks yummy. I wonder if they have that in Kuching?

♥snoopy♥ said...

i don't think so..but u can franchise it if u'r interested. :D

Kian Fai said...

heheh lembik punya dessert :P

crazywrazy said...

Snoopy japanese crepes! I almost tot you are the model promoting Shimino's crepes lol

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

wah xD i love shimino

M-Knight said...

yer!!!! didn't belanja me one....

♥snoopy♥ said...

kianfai - nice leh..not tat lembik actually hahah!

crazy - LOL!i think thy have much more awesome model than snoopy!

kyril - great! me toooo!!!

MK - hmph..u go travel din bring me also..?

Miss N said...

tried the savoury one before at The Curve...nice

♥snoopy♥ said...

miss N - glad u like it too!

es'ei afifah said...

hye there! i would like to take out a bit of info u write here and pictures of the stall too. hope u dont mind. i'll give credit to u. please i hope u're not mad! <3 i'll comment again for the link i used pics and info from ur blog into my blog.

es'ei afifah said...


this is the post.please kindly tell me if u didnt like it. i'll take down the pics. ^^v

snoopy said...

@es'ei afifah Hi! Of course I won't be mad! You can use it for as long as you want! :)) Thanks btw! :))

es'ei afifah said...

thank you :)